Thursday, 13 June 2013

Watch the Trailer for "300: Rise in my Shorts"

300 Rise of an Empire

At least that's what they should have called this film.  Alas, the studio went with Rise of an Empire.  Boring!

The 300 sequel won't be released until early 2014, which may seem like a long time to wait but if you think about it, you've already waited 8 years for this sequel so, yeah, get over it.  From the look of this Trailer nothing much seems to have changed in 8 years, everyone still looks very angry and hot-as-hell.  Eva Green joins the cast as someone who wants to create drama with the Greeks, Lean Headey gives good speech, and Xerxes looks to have spent the best part of the last decade topping up his golden glow.  Even though director Zack Snyder, who directed the first film, didn't direct this one it looks to have stuck to the same box-office winning formula as 300 with lots of slo-mo, heavily-stylized visuals, unapologetic murder, and the best bit, abs,  Lots of abs!

300 Rise of an Empire Poster 2013


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