Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Claire Danes and Damian Lewis search for Carrie's missing leg in American Vogue

Oh, how the internet makes me laugh sometimes.  I totally wouldn't have noticed that Claire Dane's right leg appears to have gone walkies in the image above from her new spread in Vogue with Homeland co-star, Damian Lewis.  But thanks to the Huffington Post, a full-blown conspiracy, worthy of at least an three episode arc on Homeland, is now taking place on internet forums across the globe. 

To be honest with you, it doesn't matter if this is a result of overzealous photoshopping or awkward leg placement.  For a change, an Annie Leibovitz editorial offers more than two beautiful people wearing beautiful clothes on a beautiful set.

Claire Danes and Damian Lewis for Vogue

"Carrie, there's something I should tell you - about your leg.  I've hidden it."

Claire Danes by Annie Leibowitz for Vogue

"You're SERIOUSLY not going to tell me where you've hidden my leg, are you?"  Maybe.

Claire Danes by Annie Leibowitz US Vogue Spread

"I can't believe she hasn't realised I returned her leg to her three days ago.  Someone needs to invest in a full-length mirror! LOL."

Claire Danes by Annie Leibowitz US Vogue Spread

"You better believe I'm going to find my right leg and there will be hell to pay when I do!"

Claire Danes US Vogue August 2013 Cover

"Concentration is key here.  Must not smile.  Smiling is so much harder to do when standing on one leg!"


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