Sunday, 7 July 2013

Footballer Lionel Andres Messi in new Domenico Dolce Book might cause 'Night Terrors'

Footballer Lionel Andres Messi by Domenico Dolce

Is this what passes for erotica these days? Maybe I am one coffee short of clarity on the subject of appropriate faces to make when standing in your pants but you can't honestly be saying to me that Lionel Messi's 'sex face' is something you'd like to see more of?  Only, there's a book dedicated to just that.  Lionel Messi, you beautiful nightmare.  Thankfully, when not making faces fit for Halloween parody, Lionel scrubs up really nice.  

Footballer Lionel Andres Messi by Domenico Dolce

Domenico Dolce photographed the famous footballer for the one-off 152-page coffee table book, which features portraits that disclose an unconventional side to Messi, very different from the one seen at matches.

Footballer Lionel Andres Messi by Domenico DolceFootballer Lionel Andres Messi by Domenico Dolce

If you are concerned about the hefty price tag associated with owning Lionel Messi in various states of undress, or the embarrassment of having to explain to your friends why you spent your money on his coffee table book instead of something from the new Jeremy Scott collection, then consider this - The photographs are printed on 'special' gold and silver paper.  THANK YOU!

Anyways, here is my 5 questions with Domenico Dolce.


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