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Interview with Yannis Tzannis

Yannis Tzannis by Sinem Yazici
Yannis Tzannis by Sinem Yazici

Hello Yannis! Would you like to introduce yourself to my readers?

Feels good to be one of the wasps, thank you for having me! The name is Yannis and I’m a 23 year old guy spending my time between London and Athens. I got my bachelor’s degree in Journalism from the University of Sunderland a few years back and after finishing some high-profile internships with various media organisations, I decided to create Chasseur where I currently serve as the magazine’s Editor in Chief and creative director.

Talk me through an average day in the life of you?

Every day is different with hard work being the only common denominator. Most of the time one can find me replying to emails, making phonecalls, planning various projects such as photoshoots and interviews or attending fashion and art events from Fashion Weeks and release parties to new gallery exhibitions. It’s not all work and no play though. I always manage to find some time for night outs with good friends.

Chasseur Magazine issue 5 Cover

Chasseur is a bi-monthly digital fashion/art magazine which is already into its fifth issue. What is the ethos behind Chasseur and what fabulous content can my readers expect to find within its pages?

All issues are inspired by urban youth culture but to spice things up, each one comes with a different theme. For example we had the mechanisms behind the bad boy persona as the basis for our second issue and the fragile nature of beauty for the fourth while the last one was focused on escapism in the urban jungle. Every issue brings together an eclectic mix of individuals and brands who we feel best represent these themes so one can expect a diverse riot of photography, art, streetwear, fashion and music.

Does your magazine have a mission statement?

At Chasseur we constantly strive to win the hearts and minds of our readers through forward thinking content, encouraging them to view their lives and what they value openly and with a free and individual mind as opposed to the values dominated by current mainstream news and society.

I’d love to touch on some of the gorgeous photography you feature within the magazine. What has been an editorial highlight for you thus far?
That would be a tough choice. All editorials are especially commissioned for the magazine and share the same appreciation. Les Murmures Du Jour, an editorial included in the fourth edition featuring model Steve Milatos, is one I feel particularly proud of, mainly because it was my first official attempt in art-direction and was actually extremely well-received by both readers and fans alike.

Is it important that you work with photographers that already shoot in a style that compliments the magazine? Or do you see Chasseur as a platform for creative talent which is constantly evolving?

I have worked alongside many great photographers ever since the beginning of Chasseur and have to admit that some of them helped in a way to shape the current style of the magazine, photography-wise. I’m always curious as to what the ‘new blood’ has to offer though so I’m constantly on the pursuit of different collaborations. It is really exciting to see what a new talent can bring into the magazine.

How do you decide on a theme for each issue?

The whole process is actually quite organic and happens almost without realizing. There are many factors that can shape the idea from the effect each season has on me to various trends and unconventional concepts which I can’t help but feel curious and in a way challenged as to how I can adapt them to the magazine’s urban youth philosophy.

Yannis Tzannis by Connor Clinch
Yannis Tzannis by Connor Clinch

I imagine your role as Editor in Chief isn’t an easy one. I have watched ‘The September Issue’, a lot. Do you ever find yourself having an Anna Wintour ‘moment’?

Upon my arrival for the AW13 London Fashion Week, one of my fashion editors, Ian, actually had a funny tweet about me, wondering whether I would be wearing Prada. That was definitely an Anna Wintour moment but jokes aside, I am surrounded by a great team of people who are all very good at their work. This helps me deal with all kinds of stress and that is why I never really have any problems I cannot handle.

Chasseur has featured interviews with a number of interesting fashion creatives, including, only recently, yours truly. Are you merely satisfying your curiousity when you approach someone for an interview or is there is a recurring theme or stylistic approach in their work that resonates with you?
A little bit of both. My love for anything unconventional combined with the curiosity that runs through my veins (guess it comes with the job), always lead me to great discoveries which subsequently make want to dig even deeper in pursuit of an even greater discovery.

What would you say makes your magazine a different read from any other fashion magazine on the market, and does the internet play a big part on how you shape your content?

Definitely, especially if you consider that the very core of the magazine is based on the whole idea of digital publishing. Our main difference with most digital magazines is that we consider text to be equally important as visuals. We like to think of each issue as one big collage featuring visually enticing images together with tales of great talent and inspiration, in perfect harmony. I think that is the key ingredient that has been keeping our readers coming back for more.

Can you say anything about issue 6 at the moment?

I can’t really give away too much. What I can tell you though is that the new issue will also see the dawn of some very exciting changes for Chasseur.

Off topic but do you have any guilty pleasures?

Who doesn’t? Mine are soft drinks, white chocolate and karaoke.

Can you recall the last film that made you cry?

I’m not really the type but I have been avoiding Forrest Gump for some years now! That film always gets me. Especially that bit with the feather sequence. It’s something about that damn piano tune.

Which item of clothing in your closet gets the most wear, and why?

Skinny jeans. Love them.

If the world was coming to an end and you were allowed one last kiss, who would be lucky enough to land on your lips?

Is this supposed to be a trick question where should I choose right, a true love’s kiss would prevent the end from coming? In that case, hopefully I will have your answer by the next apocalypse.

Yannis Tzannis and issue 5 cover models by Joey Leo
Yannis Tzannis and issue 5 cover models by Joey Leo

What happens next?

I’ll just keep pushing my creative boundaries further and further anyway possible.

Thanks Yannis!


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