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Oh Boi. These Peper Harow Socks Have Turned My Feet English! Sorry Not Sorry.

Peper Harow Socks Review with Portis Wasp

The tiny Surrey village of Peper Harow, mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086, has Saxon origins, a 1500-year-old yew tree and was the setting for the first ever recorded game of cricket to use rules.  And now you're probably thinking, how much fun would cricket be if they didn't use rules!  I know I am, those rules are crazy complicated.  You'll find me sitting underneath the yew tree until the village comes to their senses and turns the cricket field into a Table Tennis Emporium.  And yes, I am totally fine with running the gift shop.

But I'm not bitter.  Not after discovering that Peper Harow has a new claim to fame.  A luxury brand that creates beautifully hand-finished socks as gorgeous as the geriatric 1500-year-old yew tree.  Socks that are even more classic in their design than that cricket thing, and are the embodiment of everything English that we Scots can secretly, under an online moniker, get on board with.  Think; Elgar, James Bond, black taxis, the Beatles, the internet and the Sex Pistols’ God Save the Queen.  And now think of The Flower of Scotland - and that nose bleed you are having will cease.

Peper Harow Socks Review with Portis Wasp

Peper Harow socks embody the spirit of Englishness and their exquisite quality and bold funky colourways make them the perfect accessory for the modern gentleman.  I just had to risk a nosebleed for this brand.

Being one of the most indecisive wasps you will ever meet, I couldn't just try on one pair of socks from the Peter Harow collection.  There are twelve ranges in total, and each one is every bit as delightful and English as the one before it.  I would highly recommend that you pour yourself a cup of fancy English tea before you settle down to what might and did end up being an hour of humming and awwwing for me on their website.  It's a hard life...

I finally settled on a few pairs from their Chevron, Stripe of Pin, Chopper and Tritle ranges and opted for the more conservative designs on offer. For the more eclectic gentlemen amongst us I would suggest you skip right to the Starfall and Grad Polka ranges for eye-catching neon colours and polka dots to die for.

When they arrived my new best friends were elegantly packaged.  This is a standard for Peper Harow who promise to always deliver your socks in an efficient and courteous manner.  How very English of them.

Peper Harow Socks Review with Portis Wasp

Once unwrapped the quality in both the design and feel of the socks was evident.  This isn't your bog standard pair of feet warmers, this is a luxury sock.  Also, all of Peper Harow's socks are made from Pima cotton, an extremely durable yet soft and absorbent fabric which wicks moisture away from your skin to keep you dry and comfortable.  This is a luxury sock that cares about you.

Peper Harow Socks Review with Portis Wasp

So what like?  Well, the inclusion of my legs in this write-up speaks volumes.  Not only do I have a great pair of legs but look how confident they look!  This is because they get to share the frame with a pair of Peper Harow socks.  I kid you not, I feel like I have discovered the perfect sock for me.

We all know the easiest way to boost body confidence is to wear something that makes you feel and look your best, right?  Well, from this day forward I would like to formally request that you picture me wearing my Peper Harow's when I'm running through your mind.*  These socks not only look great on, they also feel like a luxurious treat for your feet!  They really do.

You can shop the Peper Harow collection online. Prices start at £16.

Peper Harow Socks Review with Portis Wasp

* I'd also ask that you picture me without any trousers on.


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