Thursday, 19 September 2013

If you only had 20 minutes left to live, what would you do?

It has been a while since I last asked my blog friends a question (for your entertainment) so I thought I would push the boat out with the photoshopping this time and create something iconic and completely unrelated to everyone's answers - as you do.  Thankfully, I can be forgiven (can't I?) for going off tangent cos I've gone and created a humdinger of a visual.  

So what are these boys fighting in these overtly sexual images?  Time, of course.

If you only had 20 minutes left to live, what would you do?

"Take my English class in year 10.  That shit dragged on for what seemed a week."

"Buy completely extravagant and unaffordable pieces from Harrods, spark up a joint and have sex in ostrich leather, alligator skin and mink. "Hi PETA", awkward."

"What I would do is not fit for public consumption Mr Wasperitious!"
Ian Cole - Read my 5 questions with Ian

"I'd sit back light one up and thank God for all that he has given me."
Kenneth Guidroz - Read my 5 questions with Kenneth

"Making my normal life as nothing can change."
Mustafa Sabbagh

"On this day of all days 9/11, your question reminded me of all those calls that were made from the planes about to hit the NY Twin Towers. All the calls made to tell those close how much they were loved. I would probably do much the same. Tell people how much I loved them and that because I was either too busy or too shy to have told them enough before."
Christophe Sanchez-Vahle - Read my 5 questions with Christophe

"Ask for an extension of time... and if unsuccessful with that... then think only pleasant thoughts and emotions."
Sam Scott Schiavo - Read my interview with Sam

"With only 20 minutes left on earth...Well, I think that I would probably be completely shit faced. With my loved once of course. But that would probably be the thing for me. Because the hours before (if it would be anything like in Melancholia) I would have spent all my money, had tons of sex, said goodbye to my family and then partied until the world ended.  I just wonder where I would do it... maybe in Sweden or Denmark."

"Why do anything special? You'll be dead in 20 minutes anyway."

"If I had only 20 minutes left to live I would sit in front of my computer trying the craft the wittiest end of the world tweet."
Louis Pisano

"I'd like to say, I would put on some great music, eat some great food, and have some great sex. But the truth is, I think I would get under the covers with my husband, my dog and just hold each other. Fuck, I am like Kristen Dunst and Charlotte Gainsbourg. Now I'm really depressed...."

"If I had 20 minutes to live I’d kill everyone I know and tell them I will ‘meet them on the other side’That way I’d finally be famous for accomplishing something."
Neil O'Keeffe

"I would play with my boyfriends bubble butt."
Seth Fornea - Read my interview with Seth

"I would call my husband to tell him how much I love him, and then my parents or siblings to do the same.  Hopefully my iPhone 5 battery would last longer than the 20 minutes!" ;-)
Richard Gerst 

"I am a total geek when it comes to post-apocalyptic and dystopian movies so I have done my homework regarding any nuclear/tsunami/pandemic/extraterrestrial/ zombie/cybernetic revolt/divine intervention/climate change/supernatural - related causes of death. I believe my knowledge would be a great asset to a possible aversion of the situation so I guess I would spend the first 19 minutes and 55 seconds trying to turn tables and the last five seconds saying ‘Uh-oh’."
Yannis Tzannis - Read my interview with Yannis

"If I only had 20 minutes to live, I would leave a letter for my family and spend the time I have left with my partner Emma, she's a good girl so I'd want my time with her, nothing crazy just me and Em doing what people do in there last moments."
Stuart Reardon - Read my interview with Stuart

"So I've got twenty minutes before me and Lucifer exchange blood and rule the whole of hell together?!.... Best get my best frock on then babes!"
Jay Briggs

That's easy. Sex, cigarette and a glass of whiskey. In that order. It's obviously not going to be a long love making situation. Most of that time is reserved for my whiskey."
Matthew Stephen Herrick - Read my interview with Matthew

"Okay, so I'd break into a French castle with Hugh Jackman and re-create the ballroom waltz from Beauty and the Beast."
Nik Pate - Read my interview with Nik

"I would spend it with my 2 dogs... Rio and Mila... as well as my most loved ones and be in the moment."

"20 minutes is actually quite a long time to know your life will be over imminently. I think the obligatory call to loved ones would be in order, and if possible, I'd convene with my closest friends, both physically and emotionally.  Once together, I'd put on my favourite record full volume and dance like there is literally no tomorrow."
Jonathan Daniel Pryce - Read my 5 questions with Jonathan

"Coffee, dessert, sex, and then hug my family until I died... In that order."
Clark Lichty - Read my 5 questions with Clark

"Madonna and I would save the world five times over."
Alexis Gregory - Read my interview with Alexis

"Eat ice cream and relax in my bed with a big blanket and hug my boyfriend."
Kyle Anderson - Read my 5 questions with Kyle

"If I found out that I only had 20 minutes to live I would probably want to try and do a lot of what has already been mentioned by the boys. I would tell the people I loved how I felt about them and what they meant to me, I would make peace with every little bad thought I carry around in my head, and I would take a very long drag on a cigarette.  And then, I would ask myself what would Buffy do?  And do exactly that in the minutes I had left to change everything!"
Portis Wasp


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