Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Interview with Adam Harris Allwood

Hello Adam! Would you like to introduce yourself to my readers?
Sure. First name Adam Harris, last Allwood. An artist with fingers in many different pies, hates sticking to rules and loves all things aquatic.

Talk me through an average day in the life of you?
Wake, wank, wash, scroll tumblr and instagram. Take pictures of gloomy flowers, rooms and my cum on my chest. Mix a dozen images into a collage while listening to music, sometimes its trial and error. Right now my music fuel is Lorde.

Not that I need to remind you, but you are a self taught digital artist, currently based in Manchester, who works primarily on ridiculously great collages - which I have conveniently dotted all over this interview so my readers can get a grasp of your talent. How did this all come to be? Did you study art?
I took art at GCSE and that was it. I tried college for 3 weeks but me and education plans don't mix. Through the years I've just messed about with photoshop and cameras. Most of the time making tacky portraits that dominated my old myspace page. Then one day I started clicking cut and paste and layering completely different images into a very different final image and realised... 'I'm good at this'.  I'm an illustrator too but that has been with me since I had a crayola in my little right hand.

Where do you find inspiration for your work? 
Conversations I've had, places I've been, music, people, buildings, porn. There's no limits, I can find it anywhere. Put me in a white padded cell, its there.

You definitely have a distinct style, could you describe it in a few words?
I hate this question. But as I have to answer I'd say; clean, surreal, simple and alien.

What themes carry through your work?
Pastel and dusty colours. And faces, there's not many full ones in my work. Images are just prettier without faces...

Tell me a little about how you approach a new project. Like, is there a lot of planning involved, or do you much prefer to just create and see where the process takes you?
For recent photography work yes, a little planning... the day before. With collages and illustration I can get the inspiration and ideas at any time. The lucky times is when I've just finished a wank and there's a Lars Von Trier film on in the background or a Lana Del Rey song playing and I mash a few pictures together and it works out. The frustrating times is when I'm away from my laptop, in another City wherever, seeing new things, collecting mental image after mental image waiting to get home and use them all to make a piece of work. I'm so inpatient. 

You recently collaborated on two successful projects with two creatives my readers are familiar with, Nik Pate (whodunnit) and Nik Thakkar (Ada + Nik SS14 Lookbook). Can we expect to see you work on more creative collaborations with fellow artists in the near future?

I believe you would also like to concentrate a bit more of your time on photography. Is this so you can cancel out the middle man and control every aspect of the process?
I've never wanted a middle man in my work. Ever. Collabs are different cause its 2 minds as 1. But when you get someone stepping in to help with this and that it can fuck it up and your left with shit images that aren't worth editing.

What would you like people to take away from your work, and what do you think your art says about you?
Again I hate this question. But I'll answer and be honest; People can take whatever they want from it, I never set out with a goal to create a reaction in my work, if you have an eye for detail and love a good story then collages are easy to create and that's the same when you look at a collage if you like stories and you love detail then you'll get my work and feel whatever you wanna feel. If not then simply, don't look.

What my art says about me... It reflects the mood I'm feeling when I made it.  So my 'Anthropos' collages I was blatantly horny as fuck working on those. In my 'Eden' shoot, colourful and romantic. 'Mood Reflective' if it needed a label.

A guilty pleasure you can’t seem to quit?
Huge bowls of cereal.

A song that makes your heart skip a beat?
Roisin Murphy - 'Let Me Know', and the video too, that's my definition of perfection.

If the world was coming to an end and you were allowed one last kiss, who would be lucky enough to land on your lips?
My doppelgänger.

Your go-to song should you find yourself in a trashy karaoke bar?
I hate karaoke, and karaoke bars but The Little Mermaid 'Part Of Your World' for childhood memdemz and just to be a twat.

Would you like to ask Portis Wasp a question?
If you had to choose 1 film to watch on loop until you died what would it be?

As a film buff this is an incredibly tough question to answer, so I think I'm even surprising myself in saying 'Jurassic Park'.  But it is one of those few films that hasn't, and probably never will, lose it's magic for me.  Watching the film now, I still feel the same sense of wonder that I experienced when I first watched it on the big screen as a young boy - so many years ago.  It is incredibly immersive, jam-packed with exciting moments, features a cast you actually care for, and the biggest draw for me... lots and lots of DINOSAURS.

What happens next?
I make big plans for a big change.

Thanks Adam!

For more of Adam's work visit his website.


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