Sunday, 8 September 2013

Teaser Trailer: Jarrod Scott is Jean Paul Gaultier's New Sailor Boy in 'On The Docks'


These two kids... What are they like?  Remind me never to take a trip on a liner with Jarrod Scott and Rianne ten HakenWhat's that?  Sorry?  No, I think you're... breaking up!  What's that?  No, I actually ignored my better judgement and boarded this hot mess of a pleasure cruise like an hour ago!!!  And yes!  I won't be getting off anytime soon!  

Jean Paul Gaultier 'On The Docks' Film Poster with Jarrod Scott and Rianne ten Haken

What with Jarrod walking around this teaser trailer shirtless and talking about how he likes to dominate and be in control, and Rianne walking around in her lingerie talking about mystery, it's no surprise that they're love boat runs aground in this teaser for On The Docks, a new short film directed by Johnny Green for Jean Paul Gaultier's iconic fragrance for men and women.  But fear not wasps, I've pulled alongside these two lovebirds in my wee yellow and black tug and I'm more than happy to steer them out of danger just as long as they promise to let me watch the full film when it is released on 26th September. 


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