Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Adam Von Rothfelder stars in Room Service Sextape 5: The Werk Out

Working out on a regular basis is hard, like proper hard, and working out how much protein you need to make sure the work you put in in the gym translates into big fuck-off muscles is even harder.  My brain literally screams when I have to work out if its better for me to down a bottle of corona or sip on a glass of cava post-workout, so to have now found a protein shake that promises me the body of my dreams (as well as a neon coloured prison yard to flex and pose in with David McIntosh and Issac Jones) is an absolute godsend. 

Room Service Sextape 5: The Werk Out with Adam Von Rothfelder

As you would expect from any Room Service Sextape there is a lot of flesh on show as well as that fabulously cheeky aesthetic the brand has created for itself that never gets old.  I also paritcuarly  love the inclusion of American model Adam Von Rothfelder in this one.  The boy seems pretty game for a laugh, and major props must be given for him managing to keep a straight face whilst in the company of scene stealers Jodie Harsh and Scottee..     

The Werk Out was directed and produced by Jodie Harsh and Thomas Knights. Visit the Room Service website for more information on their much loved club night.

Room Service Halloween Party

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