Saturday, 26 October 2013

Clayton Pettet is Inviting You to Watch Him Lose his Virginity on 25th January

19-year-old Central Saint Martins student Clayton Pettet is inviting you to a private show in Central London early next year, where he plans to lose his virginity in front of a live audience, encouraging those watching to question the importance of virginity.

He explains on his Tumblr:

Although virginity itself is an abstract idea, the moment the hymen is broken is completely physical, and thus the exact moment of deflowering can be pin-pointed.  For women that is. The loss of male virginity is still more abstract - an undetectable moment in time, does male virginity really exist? If so, can a male ever lose his virginity?

This idea becomes more complex when one considers all types of sexual relations. Men and men, women and women? Virginity has almost become heteronormative in its definition, given that in the most graphic of terms it is the moment when a penis first penetrates the vagina. Therefore when is the moment of loss for a human male? And is virginity even real, for women and men? Or is it just an ignorant word that was used to dictate the value of a woman’s worth pre marriage."

Oh my.  But that's art students for you, eh?  Here was me thinking I might enroll myself at Central Saint Martins next year when I move to London but if this is the kind of performance piece you have to put on at the end of each semester for extra credit I might just stick with plan b and work at Bounce!  More balls flying at your face over the course of one night sure enough, but at least I'd have a bat in my hand to help smack them away!

In all seriousness, I'm not about to throw shade on something I don't particularly understand nor care to.  Whatever reasons Clayton has for doing this are his reasons, and whether you are intrigued or turned off by the idea of his public deflowering, Clayton has created an intense debate online that has even attracted interest from the likes of Dazed & Confused who recently interviewed him about the project 

"Is deflowering really a loss? Or is it an awakening, a beginning, a milestone that should be celebrated rather than feared?" If you'd like to find out first hand, you can apply for free tickets to see his performance here.  Please be aware that the piece will not have a set amount of time. *Giggles*


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