Monday, 7 October 2013

Monkee Genes launch their Fall/Winter 2013 Collection and I go apeshit for their Classic Skinny Fit Jeans

I swear I've written the intro to this post a gazillion times with the aim of introducing you to Monkee Genes and what they are all about, and I thought I had it down, I had finally grasped how to say something in one sentence instead of in three, and I was so happy about moving onto paragraph number two.  Sadly though, I made the mistake of taking five minutes away from this post to have a wee nosy around the Monkee Genes website, which is where I accidentally stumbled upon this video of Phil Wildbore, the owner and designer of Monkee Genes, saying everything I had wanted to say, only better cos he actually has a good grasp of the English language. 

Phil's great, isn't he?  Maybe tomorrow I could just spend the day making him cups of tea and he could sit on his wall and share his thoughts on hot topics like Jean Paul Gaultier's Spring 2014 performance piece of a runway show and whether MTV should have aired the original 90 minute-long Miley Movement Documentary instead of the anemic 45 minute-long so-not-long-enough version we got instead.  We already know the answer to that one, but Phil would add an unquestionable air of cool to proceedings.  Maybe I could even persuade him to write Miley an open letter?

Let's not forget why we are here though, Portis Wasp.  Monkee Genes recently launched their fall collection and I was fortunate enough to have a pair of their Classic Skinny jeans sent to me so I could put together a review for my wasps. 

Review: They're Bananas.

Honestly, I know it will come as no surprise to you that I only have good things to say about these jeans, as I rarely take the time to write about something rubbish on my blog, but I kid you not, everything about these jeans works for me.

The Fit
As we all know, when buying anything denim it is vitally important that you get the fit right, and I think I chose wisely in opting for the 31w cut.  A few months ago I was a 32w, but since then I have lost quite a bit of weight in the gym, so I'm probably now somewhere in-between booking catalogue modelling jobs and being you.  Don't be jelly of me though, I think I'd need to slim down to about a 26w to work as a proper fashion model, which is totally doable, I just worry that my features are too strong for the industry.  I'd be too successful at it, if you get me?  

The jeans when on feel snug, which is comforting as you don't want your skinny jeans to lag or drag behind you, but at the same time there is a nice bit of stretch to them which means you won't spend the day counting down the hours until you can get home and awkwardly slide yourself out of them. 

The Colour
I wasn't sure whether to go for the Bamboo Black or Original Bamboo as they both look great.  Having opted in the end for the Bamboo Black, I'm happy with my choice.  They're quite dark but not proper dark.  They're like one shade away from black I guess, so they're still blue, but some of your friends might confuse them for black.  I'm confused by this entire paragraph now so I'm just going to leave a little note for Phil so that he can explain this better to you tomorrow.

The Result

As well as the Classic Skinny, Monkee Genes have also added updated versions of their Supa Skinny, Second Skin, Slim Fit Chino, Harry, James, and Cassady jeans to their new collection, giving all my boy wasps lots of options this fall when it comes to showing off your pins.  To browse the full collection click here.

For the girls, there is more of the same, along with The Betty - a high waisted 50's sensual chino that looks ridiculously cute on the model, as well as a foxy pair of Cigarette Pants.  I expect all my girl wasps to go bananas over both options.  To browse the full collection click here.

Monkee Genes will be releasing a new line for Spring 2014 entitled Monkee Cru, and whilst I will be writing a bit more on that closer to its release, I couldn't not share with you a first look at the collection which stars a right proper cheeky monkey that you should all be familiar with by now on my blog....  British model, Ricki Hall.  Bananas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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