Thursday, 31 October 2013

Which Famous Celebrity Would You Push In Front of a Zombie?

"Famous celebrity would be Kristen Stewart and a not so famous or not famous at all celebrity would be Kim D from the Real Housewives of New Jersey! Lol" - Tim Kruger

"Christina Aguilera... for more reasons than I have time to list." - Munroe Bergdorf

"I'd throw Sienna Miller in front of a zombie but I'd make sure she didn't know it was me. Then, I'd run over and knock 7 shades of shit out of the zombie and save her. That way she'd love me forever and marry me. :-)"- Billy Huxley

"I was going to say Nicki Minaj, but then I realised that that would make her a zombie and she'd be hanging around even longer, and that's no good for anyone... So maybe Scooby Doo! He'd know what to do... MWAHAHAHA!" - Raff

"Tom Hardy. He'd destroy any zombie in 5 seconds flat. Then we could go and spend the rest of the day hanging out/making out." - Luke Anderson

"Nicki Minaj! If they could get through her make-up that is! Haha!" - Kate Van Doren

"I think if I had to push a celebrity in front of a zombie, to save myself of course, it would have to be Josh Hutcherson because everyone confuses me for him, so then I could take over his career and be famous.  Just kidding, it would have to be Robin Thicke." - Phil Shaw

"Oh dear. Billy Joel?  Yes, probably for sure Billy Joel. I don't know, piano man or not, he needs a little Zombie love...." - Stewart Shining


"My answer is Putin. He's no true celebrity but he is for all the wrong reasons. If you can't accept that then Bruno Mars."
Adam Harris Allwood

"I don't know why she fucks me off so much but Andie MacDowell! She was one of the last L'Oreal models to say "Because I'M worth it", NO!!! No you are not you pompous square face! She probably wasn't the last one to say that, I'm probably just subconsciously making it up to justify my annoyance of her.  Yeah, push her right in front of a group of zombies!"
Greg Bailey

"Anna Nicole Smith.  Because they would drown in saline after her breast implants exploded."
Richard Gerst

"Britney Spears!"
Horacio Hamlet

"Just one? I can think of quite a few actually. For starters, Miley Cyrus, Marina Abramovic, Joanne, Robin Thicke..."
Michael Epps 

"Lady Gaga!  It's time.  And all the little monsters can be the zombie's dessert."
Scott Teitler

"How about Speaker of the House, evil John Boehner."
Doug Inglish

"Kanye West. The world can do without a whiny egomaniac."
Neil O'Keeffe

Being a hardcore Walking Dead fan, I think it would be very interesting to throw Andrew Lincoln (lead character Rick Grimes) in front of a zombie and see how this plays in real life. My next option would be Sharon Needles because I’m sure both parties would have a blast.
Yannis Tzannis

"Hugh Jackman... Because it means I'll actually get to touch him, and also if I can't have him then nobody can." - Nik Pate

"Well I try not to dislike people, but I'm totally failing on that... Anyhow, Taylor Swift would be my choice. I mean she might be a super nice person but she annoys the shit out of me.  Actually the same goes for Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez.  I'm going to get bad Karma just for thinking it." - Paolo Savi

"I'd push Justin Bieber in front of a zombie. Or Taylor Swift. Both if I could." - Rembrandt Duran

"The Kardashians (even though personally I would not consider them to qualify as celebs!). The entire family since there is more than enough fat to chew!" - Sam Scott Schiavo

"Any of the Real Housewives women. I had the unfortunate experience of being on a plane and getting sucked into a Real Housewives of New Jersey marathon for 6 hours. It was brutal. Like a horrific annoying whiny spray tanned slow motion car crash I couldn't help but watch. Unfortunately I think these women could take on a zombie and have them running for the hills." - Matthew Stephen Herrick

Ewan McGregor. I hate him.  Have a great Halloween my dahling readers! 
Portis Wasp


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