Friday, 15 November 2013

Watch Adam Lambert's Full Performance of 'Marry The Night' on Glee

Bit late to the party with this one but here is Adam Lambert's full performance of Lady Gaga's Marry The Night on Glee.  Pretty good, isn't it?  Not only is this a sweet reminder of how good Gaga's song is, but its always nice to hear a great pop song made that little bit better when someone with Adam Lambert's voice covers it.  Not sure about the costume...  Those boots are bit too Baby Spice for my liking, but I'll let that slide as it couldn't have been easy to wurq that chandelier in them.  And this boy worked it out proper.

Adam Lambert as 'Starchild' on Glee



  1. Adam Lambert absolutely nailed MTN, spectacular performance,his vocals are off the hook !!

  2. Don't think you realize that Adam's cover of MTN is much better than Gaga's. I listened to her official video and tbh her vocals weren't very good on that one. So to say his was a little bit better is not accurate. Most ppl on YT commented that his cover is much better than hers. Go back and listen to her's again.

  3. Oh re: your comment abut his costume. You should know that he wore it to fit his character in the script. He was supposed to be playing a role of an OTT singer trying to impress the ppl that were hiring. He pulled out all the stops to impress them. It was an ACT.

  4. Epic performance! Still watching the video and got the song on iTunes.

  5. Absolutely superb!!!

  6. Incredible!!! Amazing!!! Awesome!!! I could continue but I'm sure you get my message! :)

  7. As usual even though it was a wonderful write-up about Adam, Sharon Sullivan has to comment because they didn't use the words she would have used, I wish you would stop commenting on all of his Youtube vids & media stories.... it's so embarrassing!


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