Saturday, 14 December 2013

10 Most Popular 5 questions on My Portis Wasp says in 2013

My cheeky wee 5 questions with feature has been a super fun way to feature exceptionally talented artists, models, photographers, writers, and porn stars over the last few years, and this year these boys proved most popular with my readers!  As you can see, the common thread in this Top 10 is that everyone here has a degree in Blue Steel posing! 

Whilst it has been an absolute pleasure featuring these boys, and everyone else who took the time to answer 5 questions for me this year, I would like to extend a very big bear hug to model Ricki Hall for not only gifting me some great chat over the year, but for also having such a stupendously great year in fashion!  His 5 questions alone generated more hits than the rest of the Top 10 put together this year, which tells me this bearded lad has a very promising year ahead of him in 2014.  

It has been an absolute pleasure getting to feature such a lovely bloke on my blog at each stage of his ascent in the fashion industry, and long may he continue to tease my readers into a frenzy!  To read each of the 5 questions featured in this Top 10 just click on each image.


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