Friday, 6 December 2013

10 Reasons Why Gingers Will Probably Take Over The World in 2014

Seth Fornea
Seth Fornea is the go-go dancing chemist and model who teased fans this year with an interview and photo shoot with porn studio, Colt.  Does this mean we can expect to see him go all the way in 2014 and go on to become the most famous ginger porn star of all time?  Probably.  And if he doesn't?  Well, we can still look forward to more photo shoots that leave little to the imagination.

Thomas Knight's 'Red Hot' Exhibition
Thomas Knight's Red Hot Exhibition has gone viral in a big way over the last few weeks with countless write-up's on high profile news sites and a very high profile spoof on Conan O'Brien's late-night talk show - and we are still over a week away until it opens in London!  Expect Thomas Knight and his exhibition to make the rounds in 2014 as the buzz continues to grow for this project.  For more info.

Mark Peacock covers Men's Health January 2014
Apparently, Men's Health intern turned model Mark Peacock is the first ever ginger model to land a cover of Men's Health magazine and he's picked a good one.... The January 2014 issue!  Depending on sales, which should be all kinds of phenomenal, expect more ginger fitness models to land front covers in 2014!

Ginger Model Boys
Jake Hold and Gerrad Bohl are two male models who caught my eye this year for all the right reasons, both with very promising looks in the face, and the body.  Expect them both to pave the way for even more ginger model boys in fashion editorials next year!

Jessica Chastain in 'Interstellar'
Christopher Nolan follows-up his Batman trilogy next year with an epic space adventure that sees actors Matthew McConaughey, Michael Caine, Casey Affleck, Anne Hathaway, Ellen Burstyn. John Lithgow, and the most famous red head working in cinema today, Jessica Chastain, embark on an interstellar voyage.  It's not going to be easy standing out in a crowd that's filled with one exceptional actor after another, but my money's on this gorgeous redhead stealing the show, regardless of how big or small her part may be in this guaranteed box-office smash!  You got this, Jessie!

Julianne Moore in 'Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1'
The third Hunger Games film is due for release late next year and I am proper excited that Julianne Moore has joined the cast as President Alma Coin.  With the second installment in the franchise, Catching Fire, pulling in all the money at the box office right now, Julianne's lush red locks are going to be seen by millions of kids all over the world in 2014!  Also, think of all the magazine covers she'll grace around press time! 

Ed Sheeran's Sophomore Album
Popular singer songwriter Ed Sheeran will release his sophomore record in early 2014, which means for a good portion of next year a ginger will have the number one album on the charts!  Yay!  The album, which doesn't have a name yet, will feature 12 songs and production from Rick Rubin.

Florence + the Machine Might Release New Album in 2014
This is based on hopes and dreams and not much else, but how amazing would it be for gingers and lovers of great music if Florence Welch released a new album in 2014?!    Also, it's been 2 years since Ceremonials was released, so if Florence isn't working on new music then that's just selfish!  Producer MNEK tweeted back in August that he'd been working in the studio with Florence for 3 days on something so I reckon we'll at least get a buzz single out of this flame-haired goddess before the year is out.

Seth Fornea Might Do Porn
............................................................... That is all.


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