Sunday, 15 December 2013

If You Were A Lollipop, What Would You Taste Like?

Pipi: If I am lollipops, I tastin like very exotic fruit and vegetabol cocktail, bananas an cucumber an carrots and big juicy cherry, an you wantin likin me all the time an it makin you hard because I very sexual an makin libido, you wantin more an more and more….oh mi goodness, I so tasty it makin you wet baby, suckin liken, ay!
Coco: Gin an Tonic

I'd obviously be "my boy lollipop", I'd make your heart go giddy up. I'd be as sweet as candy and I'd be your sugar dandy...
Darren Black

Tom Ford and fresh sweat.

Pineapple, cause it’s my thing.

Ribena and shame.

If I was a lollipop I would taste like lemonade and fresh mint! And if I wanted to leave a bad taste in someone's mouth I would taste of shrimp paste and walkers crisps.

Sour Apple

I would taste like sweet salted caramel.

I'd taste like smooth chocolate, with a hard cherry centre. Kylie even wrote a song about it!

Like Passion Fruit!!!

Something sweet and tart at the same time. If we're going with a literal aesthetic, I'd be a chocolate covered cherry lollipop.

I would taste of desperation.
Joe Mitchell

Ant: I'd be a chocolate flavour lollipop with a sweet, salty peanut butter centre. 
Leo: As it's almost Christmas, I'd be a Snowball cocktail flavour that you had to suck right down until you found the cherry.

You might be nervous to try a cheese-flavored lollipop, but my flavor would definitely be a soft Colby cheese with hints of sausage. Unique. . . not what you were expecting. . . and the flavor would remind you why you love sausage so much.

I would taste like gin and probably too much cologne.

I'd taste like cum and sherbet. Who doesn't like sherbet?

I'd pick a strawberry and cream chupa chups strawberry cos of ya five a day and cream cos I like to cream most days.

Like baileys with a bit of spice in it.
Veronika Vesper 

If Munroe Bergdorf was a lollipop she would taste like hard drinking, big dicks and trouble...

I'd be a creamsicle.

Raspberry and dark chocolate banana bread = YUM!

If I were a lollipop I would probably taste of chicken, brown rice and mixed vegetables as I eat this meal all the time lol, but that's not tasty is it? I would want to taste like caramel chew chew, it's my favourite ice cream and it doesn't come in lollipop's so it would be cool to taste like one.  

If I were a lolly I'd be a sweet/sharp citrus flavour shaped like a jokers hat made from magic dust (sweets from late 70's that goes pop in your mouth) I would say that sums me up lol..

Id taste like vanilla on the outside and leather on the inside… kinda like Matthew Camps Fragrance 8.5.

Something sweet and tart at the same time. If we're going with a literal aesthetic, I'd be a chocolate covered cherry lollipop.

I think if I was a lollipop I would taste like a Mcdonalds.
Philip Normal

Salted caramel
Dimitris Theocharis 

If I was a lolly, I'd taste like a sweet blend of honey, whiskey, and burnt caramel.  Which sounds like a good fucking lolly.  Fortunately for you, I will be available from all good confectionery stores this time next year!
Portis Wasp 

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