Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Listen to Pixie Lott's New Single 'Heart Cry'

Pixie Lott by Rankin

We haven't heard much from Pixie Lott in the last year but in case you didn't know she dates this male model.  So we can excuse her for taking time out to do whatever things people with boyfriends do.  Fortunately, Pixie started off young making great pop music and is only 22-years-old now so whilst that may be a little sickening to hear we should take great comfort in the fact that she has many years ahead of her to release brilliant songs like this one before she is shepherded off to a dilapidated looking factory building out in the countryside where no one will hear her screams as she is melted down and turned into glue.

Heart Cry is just a buzz single - and a very good one at that.  So expect Pixie's proper comeback single Nasty to deliver the goods when it is released sometime in January.  via


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