Monday, 2 December 2013

Portis Wasp x NJOY: The 30 Day E-Cigarette Challenge

NJOY 30 Day Challenge with Portis Wasp

Let me start this post by making it clear that I think smoking is stupid

In my early twenties I was a "social" smoker, which meant I liked a cheeky fag (or twenty) when I was out for drinks with friends.  But that was it for me.  I never smoked any other time.  Then when I was around 23 and started a new job I found myself stepping out for the odd cigarette every once in a while during lunch breaks with a couple of colleagues who smoked.  This soon became a regular occurrence and before I knew it I was buying a pack of cigarettes a day.  Ask a smoker and they will be hard pushed to remember the first day they started smoking full-time because you never actually have that conversation with yourself.  But let me tell you, it's a super hard habit to shake.

Now I'm not going to bore you with all the reasons why I am still smoking at 30 because let's face it there are no good reasons for smoking full stop.  But I am and that's that.  If I stopped smoking tomorrow then that would be all kinds of awesome, but I probably won't and that's okay too.  Only from today I am saying goodbye to my regular brand of cigarette and will instead try one of these bad boys for the next 30 days.

Sadly that beyond amazing song does not play every time you puff on your NJOY. Can you imagine?  It would never leave my mouth, let me tell you.

So why make the change to an E-Cigarette? Well, NJOY up until now have only sold their e-cigarette's in the US but have just recently launched in the UK.  When they approached me asking if I would like to try some samples from their range which includes Traditional Gold, Bold, and Menthol flavours, I thought why the hell not?  But I didn't want to half ass it and have a few puffs just for the sake of it.  After all, E-Cigarette's are now pitched as a healthier alternative to smoking as they don't contain all the harmful chemicals that traditional cigarettes do.  I can't say if that is true or not, but I do like that they don't leave that grotty after taste in your mouth, nor do they have an odour.  So on paper, if an E-Cigarette could give me the same smoking feeling as a traditional cigarette, I don't see why you wouldn't give it a go for more than just a few puffs.  Which is why I have set myself a cheeky wee 30 Day Challenge!

NJOY E-Cigarettes 30 Day Challenge with Portis Wasp

NJOY have kindly sent me enough of their cigs to last me the month and I'm actually really quite excited to find out if making the switch to NJOY from the povo brand I currently smoke will be a walk in a park or a mad stressy Britney Spears MTV Video Music Awards meltdown of a nightmare.  Fingers crossed for the former, eh? 

Once a week I will update you on my progress and by the end of December I guess I'll have a final decision to make on whether I go back to smelling like a trash bag or continue to puff away on something that looks and feels like a cigarette but won't stain my teeth, stink up my clothes, or kill everyone around me?  Hmm... Choices.

Oh and did I mention that me and Courtney Love are now besties?

To be honest, I think me and NJOY are going to get along fabulously.  To order a free sample while stocks last click here.  All you have to pay is £1 for postage.


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