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A New Interview with Todd Sanfield is a Very Good Thing Indeed

Todd Sanfield by Kevin McDermott 2014

Hey Todd! So can you believe it’s been over a year and a half since I last interviewed you? What the hell have you been up to fella?
What’s up, Portis! It has been awhile, although it does not seem that long ago. Nothing much, just the usual – lifting weights, finishing up my Doctor of Pharmacy degree, getting naked for my second coffee table book, and designing my new collection of underwear.

Casual.  Fans of your underwear collection or let’s face it “your body” may not be aware that in between all the photo shoots and cutting patterns for your collection you’ve also been studying to be a pharmacist! Check you you little brain box! How long left have you got to go before you are a qualified PharmD?
Shhh, keep it down with the brainy remarks. We don’t want to tell too many people, you will blow my cover, ha ha. Currently I am finishing up my fourth year, one more six-week clinical rotation to go that ends February 14th. I will graduate in May and take my exams in June. I will be a full fledge pharmacist the beginning of July 2014. 

Todd Sanfield by Kevin McDermott 2014

That's exciting!  Are your classmates aware of “the body” that hides underneath your shirt and tie?
Yes, they are aware. My entire life I have never felt uncomfortable about my body until I got into pharmacy school. It is a pretty conservative profession, so I think the body may scare them a little.

And what will it mean for your legion of fans once you qualify as a pharmacist?  
I think it might make some of them proud, especially the ones who have been at my side from the beginning. For those who are just learning about me, it will potentially show or teach them that when you set goals and put your mind to it anything can be accomplished.   I am a prime example of someone who made mistakes at a young age and the only way those mistakes would be corrected was with hard work. 

Todd Sanfield by Kevin McDermott 2014

Are you going to jack in all the important things like modelling and working out and designing great underwear in favour of filling up little pill boxes and writing out prescriptions? I bloody well hope not.  
I honestly cannot tell you how my life is going to unfold. The one thing I can tell you is I do not plan on giving up anything. I will figure out a way to do everything, I always do.

You’re not studying to be a pharmacist just so you can get all the girls, are you?  
Right? Nah, I’m pansexual. I thought you knew. Well… maybe I’ve been studying for Emily Ratajkowski, ha ha.

Todd Sanfield by Kevin McDermott 2014

At least you have exceptional taste!  So what have you enjoyed most about your studies so far? And more importantly, do you wear Todd Sanfield underwear to class each day?  
For the first three years all I did was study what was presented to me with no insight into how I wanted to progress professionally. Over the last six months, I was able to do an ambulatory HIV/AIDS clinical rotation at Detroit Henry Ford Hospital, and research a controversial HIV medication question that I presented to faculty/peers. Both of these experiences combined helped to give me direction moving forward. I would like to specialize in HIV medicine. And, yes, I do
wear my TSC’s to class.

Todd Sanfield by Kevin McDermott 2014

You have been quietly working on a new collection of underwear for the Todd Sanfield brand, and I appreciate it’s all a bit hush hush at the moment until you shoot a campaign for it, but what can you tell me readers about the new lines you have been working on?  
We have some high-quality product on the way. All of the complications from the first two collections have been corrected. In addition, the quality has improved significantly.

Will the new collection be a departure in terms of style and fit from the current range?  
The briefs and trunks will be a different pattern, plus we have included a jock strap in this upcoming collection. We also corrected the fit and pouch. Before they fit on the smaller side and had minimal
room in the pouch.

Todd Sanfield by Kevin McDermott 2014

Loves a bit of give in the pouch!  When will the new collection be released?  
Very soon, January 15th, 2014, the product will be available for pre-order and will ship by February 15th, 2014. The current problem I am having is managing the time for all of my projects.

I bet!  I imagine you will be modelling the new range in the campaign photos?  
Yes, I will be modeling the new range for now. 

Todd Sanfield by Kevin McDermott 2014

You must be pretty chuffed with the response to your underwear so far? There isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t see your underwear on a model in an editorial! 
When first starting the line, my Dad used to joke with me and say, “You will be lucky if you sell one pair.” I work very hard at everything I do and it is nice to see people take notice.

What further aspirations do you have for the Todd Sanfield brand over the next year?
A billboard in Times Square, ha ha…that might take a few more years. 

Todd Sanfield by Kevin McDermott 2014

You just never know, fella!  Off topic slightly, but I’ve made good progress in the gym over the last year and managed to shred a lot of the puppy fat. What would you recommend I do now to put on some beef in the pecs, arms, and ass areas of my body? I’m starting to resemble Karlie Kloss when I totally want a body like Hugh Jackman’s!
I like to keep my protein at 1.5 grams per pound of body weight split between 6 meals. I also eat healthy carbs the first 5 meals, only protein and maybe a serving of fat (nuts or nut butter) the last meal. For the gym, I love to do a split routine 5 or 6 days, lifting heavy on each day. Most of the time, after a sufficient warm-up, I first do my heaviest lift because this is when I have the most energy. I will start at 10 reps, then 8, then 6, then 4, and then 2 for my last set. After this lift you cannot put the same effort into the subsequent exercises, so for those I stay in the 8 to 12 repetition range. I also do a significant amount of drop sets after my last set. I hope this provides some direction. If not, shoot me a message on Facebook and I will go more in-depth with you.

Yeah, I can totally see myself shooting you a message on Facebook.  So what happens next?
Who knows? As long as I continue to work hard, things will fall into place. They always do.

Thanks Todd!

Todd Sanfield by Kevin McDermott 2014

To pre-order Todd's new collection click here.  All photos in this interview are courtesy of photographer Kevin McDermott.

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  1. Hi Todd i am your #1 fan. What is your advice to kids whos trying to reach there goals in loosing weight and further there education? They always ask me "how do you do it"? My reply was "Todd sanfield inspire me from his photos & interview thats why im so dedicated to the gym" & i just graduated from University Of Hawaii with a Master Degree. Thank you Todd you inspire me to go further. Sincerly your #1 fan.

  2. Beauty and brains. He's so handsome, sexy, and perfect. I'd love if he added thongs to his underwear collection (and modeled them, of course)

  3. i like your body i like all of u ......

  4. awesome interview. I am a fan of Todd's. he's a very smart man and that BODY is perfection!!! :) he has it all: beauty and brains :P.

  5. We would like to see you doing Peter Le style videos and photos. Seriously....!!!


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