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Interview with Billy Huxley


Hello Billy! Would you like to introduce yourself to my readers?
Allo Portis Wasp readers.. I'm Billy Hux!

Talk me through an average day in the life of you? 
That's the thing with this industry, everyday is different, one day I could be in a warm studio shooting some clobber, next day I could be freezing my tits off on location, another day I could be in a paddling pool getting oiled up by some poor stylist. Orrr it could be as simple as sitting on my arse playing playstation. (Those are rare but an absolute treat when they come around).

Tom Johnson for The Quarterly

I love playstation days!  Imagine if that was life EVERYDAY?!  Describe yourself as a child?
An angel.

Has much changed now that you are fully grown?
Yeah I've turned in to a right little shit haha! Well not little but you know what I mean! All jokes aside a lot has changed, I've grown a beard and had a shit ton of tattoos. ;-)

So tell me how you got into modelling, Billy? If I remember correctly, you used to be a bit of a lad doing roofing and shit like that?
Haha! Yeah I used to do roofing! I can't knock it though, it looked after me for a good 6/7 years but it wasn't easy, what manual trade is? I was asked to do a fashion show before I got signed, gave it a go, enjoyed it so I thought I'd try and get some work freelance. Built up a little portfolio, signed up to twitter and then I got approached on that by a model scout and now I'm here!

Tom Johnson for The Quarterly 

So inspirational!  So when you first started out, did it take you a while to get into the swing of posing and sucking your tummy in, all whilst making the clothes you were wearing look great?
Sucking my tummy in?? What are you trying to say Mr Wasp!? May have to do that trick now though, had one too many mince pies over Christmas!

Na not really, it came pretty naturally to me I spose, when I was freelancing I got a regular e-com job and that got my confidence up being in front of the camera, so by the time I got signed I was quite confident.

Niran Yin Vinod for Two Angle

Has your look changed since you were first signed, or has your agency just left you to do your own thing?
When I was first signed I was like a tamer version of how I look now, less tattoos and a smaller beard. Any drastic changes I make I'd have to run it by them i.e if I was to shave my head/beard or get a face tattoo. They are pretty relaxed with my tattoos though as I'm so heavily covered anyways. I don't change too much though, just a few tattoos here and there and that's about it. 

Let’s talk body maintenance. I know you models have to work hard to fit into those sample sizes! And I don’t want to believe for a moment based on your tweets that you look the way you do on a diet of fags and cans of lager?! What do you do to keep fit? It's fags and cans of lager, isn’t it?
Haha! Yes! That's my secret! Actually I do have a cig right before I get into the gym, I call it my energy boost! Yeah, so obviously I go to the gym, I try to go around 4/5x a week. I don't like tweeting about it because gym tweets cringe my life out. There's no need. If you go to the gym then fair enough, do we all really need to know about it? Not me.


Yeah! I've never done that before!  What losers!  So never mind the length of you, standing tall at 6 ft 2, you also have quite the impressive set of tattoos accumulating on your body! How old were you when you got your first tattoo, and which one means the most to you?
I have a few Mr Wasp! My 1st tattoo was when I was around 16, I had my Surname Huxley on my back, in case I got lost or something someone could just look at my back and then return me home safe and sound! Haha! There's not many Huxley's about! To be honest most of my tattoos have no meaning, I could make up bullshit stories like some people do but I'm not a cunt. :-)

Danny Baldwin

There is one though that has meaning, and that's the number 13 on my forearm, if you research hard enough you'll be able to find out what that means. But let's not put a downer on this interview aye!? I'm having fun with this!

I'm glad you're enjoying myself!  I've just been busy deleting all my gym tweets whilst you've been chatting away!  Do you have plans to add some more art to your body this year?
This year, next year and every year Mr Wasp.

Such a trooper!  Completing your look is one hell of a beard. As you well know, beards are all the rage at the moment, but they’re not the easiest of things to maintain. Can you offer any tips to my readers on how to keep a good beard?
They can be right bastards to maintain! It's like your hair on ya head, you get bad beard days as well, sometimes I wake up and look in the mirror and think MY GOD!! WHAT IS THIS THING LIVING ON MY FACE??

I went to bed pissed with some honey and peanut butter on toast one night. I don't know what happened that night but I think it went everywhere except my fucking mouth! Are we getting off subject?? Ermmm go to a good barber lads, they'll sort you out.

Niran Yin Vinod for Two Angle

What has been one of your most memorable experiences so far working as a model?
I'd say when I shot with Cara Delevingne, that was pretty surreal, it was a video for W mag. I was thinking, hold on, this time last year I was on the dirty ol roofs slaving away, now I'm working with one of the biggest supermodels in the world. Very surreal moment for me.

Fucking awesome though…And one of the worst? (I’m expecting something appropriately juicy - obviously!)
Well your going to be disappointed Portis, there has been no bad points in my modelling career so far. It's all been fucking awesome and that's the gods honest truth.

I won't lie, that's a somewhat disappointing answer.  Probably the worst so far in this interview.

You have also had the opportunity to work with some really great photographers so far in your career. Who have been some of your favourites to work with, and why?
I've always got time for Darren Black. He's a great guy and an amazing photographer. He gives unsigned models a chance to get some awesome shots together and will tweet and Instagram the shit out of you so you get a bit of exposure. He certainly got me started and I'm extremely grateful for that.

Darren didn't bloody tweet or Instagram me after he shot me!  Darren?!

Danny Baldwin

Do you have a fellow model crush? It’s probably Ricki, eh?
Who's Ricki? No idea who that tart is mate. ;-) Naa Ricki is a good friend of mine, but I don't swing that way unfortunately! I don't have a fellow model crush Portis, I'm a professional!

What does this year hold for you in the fashion industry, and can you talk about any fun jobs you have in the pipeline for 2014?
Hand on my heart I have no idea, most models won't, it's the world of the unknown and that's half the excitement. If it's half as good as 2013 then I'd be a happy man.

Niran Yin Vinod for Two Angle

In five years from now do you see yourself still modelling? 
I'd like to think so as I really enjoy what I do. If I can get by still doing modelling in 5 years time then I'd be over the moon. It all depends on if my look is still in and how much work I can get. Only time will tell.

And if you found yourself losing interest in modelling, what do you like to think you would do instead?
Always been a fan of photography. I know it's a tough industry but I think I could give it a bloody good go. I'm right into my fashion and creating my own label is something that I'd seriously considering doing in the near future. I think I'd make some cracking pieces, if your lucky Portis I'd do you a mates rates price on one of my future Tee's! Just don't tell anyone...


I'll keep it on the down-low, don't you worry.  Might even do you a mates rate on a promotional blog post for your collection!  What do you like to do for fun?
Drinking, smoking, fucking, drinking, partying, scrabble x

Standard.  If the world was coming to an end and you were allowed one last kiss, who would be lucky enough to land on your lips? 
Oooo that's a tough one.. Ermmm I think Lana Del Rey is a proper little sort. I wouldn't mind giving her one... A kiss that is you dirty boy!

Niran Yin Vinod for Two Angle

Ha ha. Which flavour of ice cream best describes your personality? 
What kind of fucking question is this?! I don't even eat ice cream! I don't know! Strawberry... Because I always have a straw in my drink.. Berries are cool too.

Would you like to ask Portis Wasp a question?
Who is your daddy? And what does he do?

My daddy is called Hugh and he works for the government.  Stuff to do with boats.  That's all I can say I'm afraid.

Niran Yin Vinod for Two Angle

What happens next?
I send this e-mail over to you, finish off my tea, whack in a bit of porn and... x

And a Happy New Year to you too!  Thanks buddy!

Billy Huxley is represented by D1 Models.  For my 5 questions with the uber handsome gent click here.


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