Friday, 17 January 2014

Introducing The Todd Sanfield Underwear Collection which looks great on Todd Sanfield

Does this post need words?  I don;t suppose it does.  But it would be a great injustice to Todd if I didn't reiterate to my readers how much of a steal his underwear collection is.  

Having sampled some pieces from Todd's earlier collection I know for a fact that the quality will be on point with his new collection - which is now available to pre-order and will ship on 15th February.  The trunks I have are my preferred choice of undergarment when working out at the gym, as I know they will keep everything in place without feeling like someone's grabbing my balls for a testy 45 minutes.  See what I did there? Testy?  I'll move on.  

What I also appreciate about the pieces I own, is that they look great.  Which is what you want from your underwear.  Comfortable undies, that are of a certain quality, and look great on.  Am I missing something?  Oh yes, that's right, a pair of Todd Sanfield undies are also affordable.  Take the most expensive piece from Todd's new collection - the Trunk, which will cost you $24.50 which roughly translates to £15 for us Scots.  For a nice pair of pants that will last you, you really can't complain about the price.

So what new changes has Todd made with this new collection?  Well, he has gone for new colourings for starters, with new pieces now available in black, white, or a flattering shade of light blue.  Todd's last collection featured lots of different colour options, but to be honest with you I much prefer the simplicity of only having three colours to choose from.  Secondly, as well as the popular brief and trunk option, Todd has introduced the Sanfield Jock.  I'll let Todd demonstrate how it should we worn...

My god.  So, yeah, the Todd Sanfield underwear collection is available to pre-order now.  I can't imagine you will be disappointed with your purchase, and if you would like to find out more about Todd Sanfield you can read my recent interview with the handsome model slash doctor by clicking here.  Let's end this post with Todd breaking out into a little dance...


I know what you're thinking...  "Would I look as good wearing Todd Sanfield underwear as Todd does in his Todd Sanfield underwear?"  The short answer is no.  But ordering a couple of pieces from Todd's site will be the best underwear purchase you make this year.  That I can promise you.


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