Monday, 27 January 2014

Working out with Todd Sanfield on Instagram is lots of fun

We love Todd Sanfield here on My Portis Wasp says.  Not only does the handsome model take a good photograph, he is also studying to be a pharmacist, has his own underwear collection, and even manages to make time in his already busy day to act as my motivational coach! 

Take this quote from my recent interview with him for example: "The one thing I can tell you is I do not plan on giving up anything. I will figure out a way to do everything, I always do."  He really is the best!  And Todd just got better via the magical time vacuum that is Instagram.  Not only is Todd generous with the shirtless selfies, he also posts short clips of himself working out!  And it's all for us, wasps!

Here Todd shows us how to press like a man:

Next up, some weird crunch thing which Todd reminds us cannot be done if you are not wearing Todd Sanfield underwear.  I believe him:

I have no words for this next exercise:

Do you think Todd's gym operates a "no t-shirt" policy?

You cannot hear him, but in this next clip the manager at Todd's gym berates him for breaking that "no t-shirt" policy!  Todd then complies with all the swagger of an international model slash pharmacist slash underwear designer:

I need to get me this Todd Sanfield jam for my iPod:

And, yeah, this happened:

Any questions?


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