Sunday, 16 February 2014

Adam Lambert Voted Most Eligible Bachelor by OUT Magazine on Valentine's

Adam Lambert voted 'Most Eligible Bachelor' by OUT Magazine

After asking their readers to vote from a list of 100 very dateable gay guys, OUT magazine crowned their Most Eligible Bachelor on Valentine's Day.  The Top 10 voted most popular bachelor's this year include model Andrej Pejic, actors Wentworth Miller and Chris Colfer, country singer Steve Grand, and Israeli muscle man Eliad Cohen.  All very acceptable winners in my books.  But not one of these handsome gents could come close to beating out this year's voted Most Eligible Bachelor, Adam Lambert.  

With a landslide of votes (21.81% of the total vote, would you believe?!) from his ever loyal Glamberts, the For Your Entertainment singer practically sleepwalked his way to victory.  Not a bad start to the year for Lambert, and this might even mean an OUT magazine cover is on the horizon for him later in the year.  And if its timed with the release of his third album then that would werk even better.

Do we have ourselves a worthy winner?



  1. The voters think he's worthy so yes of course. Plus... LOOK AT HIM!!! :) And he's not just a pretty face. He's talented, compassionate, intelligent, sexy & funny. Of course he's the most eligible bachelor. :D

  2. Absofreakinlutely he is worthy! Yummy

  3. We sure have! Thanks for the fun write-up :)


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