Monday, 24 February 2014

Interview with Joseph Lazo

Hello Joe! Would you like to introduce yourself to my readers?
I'm Joseph Lazo, I'm 29, and I am a Fitness and Lifestyle Coach in NYC.

Talk me through an average day in the life of you?
I'm up at 5am Mon-Fri, have my first client at 6am, and work straight through till 12noon with various clients, classes, & bootcamps, personally workout at Brick Crossfit from 1-4, then have straight clients from 5pm till 9pm, go home, and work on administrative work such as my business plan, the blueprints for our layout with our architect, or SLEEP!!!!!! Exciting life I live! :-)

Gosh that sounds exhausting!

Now I don’t want to make this interview awkward before it’s even started but I think it’s important that we clear up the following email that I received from photographer Greg Vaughan when he introduced you to me. This was Greg’s email which arrived in my inbox just before Valentine’s Day:  

“I have a friend, a trainer opening a gym in NY...he's hot as hell and would love if you gave him a bit of love!” 
How long have you been waiting for a bit of my love, Joe? Lol
LOL, now Greg told me that you saw my pic and you asked him about me. I guess I’m not as sought after as i thought. Haha.

Not at all.  You're here, so Greg's photographs of you obviously did the trick.  So how did you get into personal training?
The funny thing is personal training literally landed into my lap. I was working for Prada and one day I just woke up to go to work and realized I didn’t want to be in an office anymore. I gave in my 2 weeks notice that day with no idea what I was gonna do. 2 weeks went bye and I had no potential job in sight, my friend who is a trainer then suggested that I look into personal training in the meantime to pay the bills. I delayed as long as possible but eventually had to cave and take the job. Long story short it ended up working for me, and eventually led to me leaving and starting my own company.

And now you are planning on opening up your own gym very soon and will actually start filming a new show for Bravo next week which is about “high profile trainers” in NYC which will show the development of your soon to be personal training facility. That’s pretty exciting, right?
Yeah, I’m really fortunate to have a great client whom helped me immensely to develop a solid business plan, and find the right investor that shares the same vision and passion as I do with this project.

As for the show, that's just icing on the cake. I got casted for the right show at the right time and that's just luck. Its going to be a huge help to our marketing and consumer awareness having the process of us finding a location, starting construction, and opening the facility on national television with the entire country potentially watching.

Will the show be shot like one of those Real Housewives shows? Only instead of five housewives fighting over a glass of Pino we’ll have five trainers arguing over who has the best abs? Please say yes cos that sounds pretty epic!
Lol.  No, unfortunately to my knowledge the closest comparison to the platform of the show would be million dollar listing but trainers rather than real estate brokers. Though being that the entire cast is filled with beautiful people that think very highly of themselves there is sure to be plenty of drama for you and the viewers to set your DVRs for!!!

Have you already checked out the rest of the cast to see if any of them have a better body than you?  
Yeah, I actually had dinner with a few of the cast members last night and honestly we are ALL completely different sizes and builds. I don’t have the most ripped body for sure, but I’m undoubtedly the biggest! :-)

What kind of trainer would you say you are? Like, are you super nice but get results? Are you super horrible but get results? Do you ever do one-to-one’s with your shirt off? Basically, what can my readers expect from a session with you?
I would like to say that the success of my business is that I can adapt to almost any type of personality and feel out how to work with a person. People hire trainers because they don’t like working out or because they aren’t as confident working out alone as they do with you. The key is you don’t ever have to be the worlds best trainer, you have to be the trainer that is the best fit for that client. And yes I'll trainer with my shirt off but that is quadruple time! :-) And I ALWAYS get results!

You also seem very confident with your body by the look of your Greg Vaughan shoot? 
I’m completely confident in my body.  We are all humans, and have the same hardware. nothing to be ashamed or reserved about, unless your hardware is undersized so to speak. Good thing I have nothing to worry about.

In this photo shoot one of your very big legs protects your modesty. Would you ever go the full monty in a shoot if a photographer asked you?
I would totally do a nude shoot just because I don’t personally think nudity is something to be ashamed of or taboo, the human body is beautiful. Though being in business is business unfortunately, so I would always have to check with my publicist whether or not it is a smart idea for me professionally.

A guilty pleasure you can’t seem to quit?
Lets just say I wish I lived in California or Colorado.

Which item in your closet gets most wear and why?
It's hard to say, but I’m what you can call a shopaholic. I have 410 pairs of shoes, about 111 pairs of jeans, about 95 hoodies, and about 150 hats and i wear every single one of them. So I rotate A LOT! But if I had to pick one thing I would say it's my Rick Owens leather jacket. Just because it's Rick Owens!!!

Which flavour of ice cream best describes your personality?
Neapolitan FOR SURE!!!  Vanilla cause I’m white. Strawberry cause my style is a little fruity at times. Chocolate cause I love obnoxious designer sneakers like rappers!

If the world was coming to an end and you were allowed one last kiss, who would be lucky enough to land on your lips?
If you're asking in a literal sense then i would say my ex Ruby, but if your asking hypothetically regarding someone i'll most likely never have the chance of kissing I would have to say Alessandra Ambrosio.

What happens next? 
Next is to execute this business plan as best we can, create the BEST training facility in the city, expand into other cities, then create our own private label fitness fashion line. Naturally after that it's to try and take over the world!

Thanks Joseph!

Photography exclusive by Greg Vaughan


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