Monday, 31 March 2014

Chris Evans to Quit Acting. Cushions the blow by flexing his forearms in Variety March 2014

Chris Evans by Danielle Levitt for Variety Magazine

It was a sad day in Hollywood some day last week (I think) when Chris Evans suggested he might pull a Gosling and quit acting once he's fulfilled his commitment to Marvel.  Which is deeply upsetting news for anyone with eyes, but if you think about it, Chris will most likely still be playing Captain American in 2017  - said someone knowledgeable - which leaves the greatest minds of our generation three years to genetically modify a replacement for us to crush on.

Chris Evans by Danielle Levitt for Variety Magazine

I just think this man is a total babe and his recent cover story for Variety's March issue is a whole lot of cute.  Maybe it's the beard.... or those forearms... or Chris' reluctance to smile (and he always smiles!), but I feel, like, this is the most swoon-worthy we have seen this man look in quite a while.  Which just kills me.  Photography by Danielle Levitt.


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