Thursday, 20 March 2014

Exclusive: Conrad Galczynski by Joseph Bleu

Conrad Galczynski by Joseph Bleu

Photographer Joseph Bleu returns to my blog after a four month hiatus with a new exclusive featuring model Conrad Galczynski.  Which is great, obviously.  But I need to address something first.  Like, where you been, Joseph?  I was worried!  

Here's what probably happened... Joseph finds himself anuva blogger "boo" on the down low who promises him fame, fortune, and a better command of the English language than I could ever dream of.  Eye roll.  But as is the case with all my photographer boys, Joseph soon learns that my banter is Beyonce irreplaceable and this man who has been promising Joseph everything and more - he don't care about Joe like I do.  So my boy photographer comes running back to me and I resist the urge to be all like; " the left, to the left, all the boys you gave me in the box to the left."  Yes, that's what probably happened.  That or Joseph just fancied a short break from shooting sexy exclusives like this super cute one...

Conrad Galczynski by Joseph BleuConrad Galczynski by Joseph Bleu


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