Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Peta filmed Vivienne Westwood, Eco-Warrior, in the shower because she's Vegetarian and, yeah...

Unfortunately for Viv, this Peta commercial, which aims to highlight how much water is wasted by the meat industry, plays out like one of those over 50s insurance ads which offer you a free pen or alarm clock if you sign up:


Don't get me wrong, the Dame is all kinds of amazing in this clip - finger snaps for her lackadaisical approach to painting her toenails - but I'm not convinced the way forward here is to encourage us all to take long showers in lieu of eating meat.  Wouldn't our time be better spent blowing up meat factories?  Nor am I very pleased it has to be said that Peta actually let Vivienne Westwood step out in public with only one painted toe! These guys really need to think about upping their budget if they want to be taken seriously.

Still, I might have to pour myself a cup of tea and watch this a tenth time.

Vivienne Westwood by Alasdair McLellan for The Gentlewoman


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