Friday, 7 March 2014

The Todd Sanfield Workout Might Get You Kicked Out Of Your Gym

Obviously it's public knowledge that I worship at the alter of Todd Sanfield.  Not only is he super bright having recently trained to be a qualified pharmacist.  The talented muscle man is also a model and underwear designer.  He's like the JLo of the fitness industry, but without the diva attitude.  Which to be fair, I'd happily put up with.  But there's been a recent development in his workout routine that if I'm honest, scares me a little.  Let's take a look:

Now let me be the first to say that I endorse this level of exhibitionism by Todd.  This man knows how to work a brief.  What I am uncomfortable with is the thought creeping into my own head when I am working out in the gym, as it did yesterday, that I should do the same.  Like, seriously.  I was in the middle of a circuit, I was getting super hot, and before I knew it I was feeling a tug from my left hand on my t-shirt!  Thank god my right hand was quick enough to slap the left one away and I managed to continue on with the circuit 'filtered'!  Oh, and this video is pretty sweet too: 

Who knows what will happen during today's gym session but you can bet I made a point of putting on a pair of Todd Sanfield trunks this morning just in case I lose my shit again.


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