Tuesday, 8 April 2014

EY! MAGATEEN 9: Steven Klein x Nicola Formichetti

"OHMYGAWD. You guyyyyys!  Mega Magateen Alert!  New York, New York, Spectaculuuuuuur!  Steven Klein x Nicola Formichettiiiiiii!  Read all about it!!!"  That's what you will hear on the streets of New Yoiiiiik today as Luis Venegas - the creative genius who also publishes Candy - shares a preview of EY! Mega Magateen issue 9

Photographed by Steven Klein, with styling by Diesel darling Nicola Formichetti, this Dangerous Guys in New York editorial is right up my street in a just took a wrong turn and walked up a very wrong street kind of way. 

Should Batman dropping his draws not be a good enough reason for you to part with your pennies though, like, maybe you got into a bar fight last night and someone gouged out your eyes?  I can confirm that the SS14 issue  - which is limited to only 1500 copies - also comes with free posters, postcards, a stripper kit, a pair of Diesel Briefs, and 24 EY! Dollars.  Kapow muthafvcker!!!! I'm so turned on right now. via


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