Wednesday, 2 April 2014

If you were a Box of Cereal, What would you be and why?

Choco cereals all day long... naughty but nice.
Alexis Knox 

I would be Frosties because I'm grrrrrrreat! Oh god - did I really just do that?
Darren Black

Not a damn box of cereal that's for sure! I hate cereal, its cardboard food!
Seth Fornea 

I'm the living incarnation of Reese's Puffs. I'm a sweet, chocolate poof. ;-)
Michael Epps

I would be luck charms coz I was Irish in another life.
Nikki Williams 

Hmm, If I were a box of cereal what would I be? Well I'll have to throw a curve ball and go all retro on you. I would be "Twinkles", not because of the obvious reason but because it reminds me of glitter and trust me if I could put glitter on every meal I would.
Phil Shaw

Cheerios! The name says it all, I love being cheery!
Gerrad Bohl

I would definitely be a box of Kellogg's Crunchy Nut Cornflakes because I'm sweet, nutty, and terribly addictive once you get to know me. ;-)
Chimere Cisse 

Of course I would have to be KABOOM cereal. It is absurd and sweet… just like me.
Venfield 8

I would be Honey Nut Cheerios. I am sweeter than honey, a bit of a nut, and pretty fucking cheery.
Barrett Pall

Lucky Charms, with just the marshmallows, coz I'm full of hearts and rainbows and stars and four leaf clovers… I have a lot of feelings.
Munroe Bergdorf 

I'd be Captain Crunch because Captains are in control and crunch sounds hard.
Don Hood

Is cereal a carb?

I'd be a box of Banana Nut Crunch.
Jordie Caskey 

Seitenbacher's Muesli! Cause I'm Swiss and full of fiber.
Colby Keller

Cap'n Crunch... I guess it makes me feel like an ol' naval officer doing my duty entertaining the troops in the best way possible... Tasty yet nasty like me!
Sam Scott Schiavo

I would be Kellogg's Fruit and Nut cereal, because I'm really fruity and a complete nutter. lol.
Stuart Reardon

I would be Frosted Flakes because I can be very tasty and sweet! 
Horacio Hamlet

Pop Tarts. Does it even need an explanation? 
Nik Pate
Well today I would be a box of Fruit Loops. Fashion week and models are driving me LOOPY!!!
John Bruce 

I'd like to think that if I were a cereal I'd be something naughty but nice like Loki Charms.  And yes, Thor-themed cereal is apparently a thing.  But when I spoke to Nik Pate earlier today he was so right on the money when he suggested I'm, like, totally, Scottish Oats!   I taste great!  I'm filling!  And if you eat me first thing in the morning I'll provide you with enough energy to last you until dinner time!  How great am I?
Portis Wasp


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