Saturday, 5 April 2014

The Expendables 3: When Movie Posters Give My The Chilly Willy's

The Expendables was a film I so wasn't interested in watching.  Then one day, when I was feeling a little worse for wear after a night of unmoderated drinking, I watched it and found myself loving everything about it.  It was the perfect throwback to action movies of yesteryear when cgi wasn't so much of a thing and violence wasn't muted to cater to the tween set.  Also, who doesn't love to cheer on an aged underdog with massive biceps?  The Expendables 2 then happened and delivered more of the same but on a much larger scale.  Action porn at it's finest.  

Which brings us to The Expendables 3, an inevitable sequel after the success of the last two films which sees our favourite haggard 80s stars return, as well as some notable additions - Kellan Lutz, Kellan Lutz' arms, Kellan Lutz' tits, and Kellan Lutz' smile - to take on a new big bad, played this time by Mel Gibson.  These new character posters should be all the motivation you need to hit the gym in preparation for two hours of blissful carnage.  But if you need one further incentive, a new trailer for the film has just been released.



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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong-one of the guys actual name is Randy Couture?! This man needs to be in porn. Or have a line of barely there underthings with latex, leather and lycra as the main materials


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