Thursday, 29 May 2014

Amber Heard by Steven Klein for W Magazine June 2014

Amber Heard is double naughty in the June issue of W magazine, which sees her assassinate the newsstands this month on not one but two stunning covers shot by Steven Klein.  Inside the issue, the gorgeous blonde opens up about her engagement to Johnny Depp and talks a little about playing against type in the film roles she chooses.  

“I remember getting a small part in the movie Zombieland,” she continues. “I said to the director, ‘Do I get to play a true zombie or am I a cleavage zombie?’ I had this fear that he was going to want me to be a zombie in my underwear! He said, ‘No—take it as far as you want.’ I said, ‘Get the vomit packs ready! I’m going to be ugly and gross!’ ”

I really like her to be honest.  She always comes across like a good old-fashioned ballbusting broad.  Here is the second cover and a few photos from the cover story.


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