Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Francois Sagat and Exterface Create a Bonnie Wee 'Brigadoon' Poster

Francois Sagat in 'Brigadoon' Poster

Forget all the amazing imagery Francois Sagat and Exterface have already created, this Brigadoon poster which is part of a new travel poster series by the French creative duo just went and owned the night.  This is obviously their way of saying they love me, right?  How could it not be!  Brigadoon for godsakes!!!  Man, this is so awesome.  And Francois Sagat in tartan?!  Dead.  Currently working out the logistics of finding my way into those trousers.

In the words of Exterface:

"Tell us… what’s your dream vacation destination? Where were your fondest memories forged? and with which city do you have an inexplicable affinity? 

Recalling yesteryears vintage travel posters, our evocative Excapism Posters is the perfect way to recollect the city breaks, weekends and getaways in a whole new way. Taking inspiration from the world’s most loved holiday destinations to unreal and fantastic locations, our ‘vacation pinups’ collection will also help you conjure up some new memories or even desires…
The first set includes romantic Verona, iconic Paris, crazy Toad City, mysterious Brigadoon and sweet Helsinki.  Bon Voyage!"

For a look at the rest of the posters in the series click here.  I feel like Sagat and Exterface need to get together very soon and sign me a poster!

For those of you who have been living under a rock, the synopsis for the 1954 classic is as follows;
"Two Americans on a hunting trip in Scotland become lost. They encounter a small village, not on the map, called Brigadoon, in which people harbor a mysterious secret, and behave as if they were still living two hundred years in the past."

I really can't believe how awesome this is for these three Frenchmen to pay homage to Scotland in such a delightful way.  What next?  We all play spin the bottle?!


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