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Todd Sanfield's Fifth DNA Magazine Cover and 'Virgin Island' Coffee Table Book

Hey Todd! So let’s start with giving you a very manly pat on the back! You’ve just landed your FIFTH cover for DNA Magazine!!! You must be feeling pumped, right? 
Fuck yeah! However, I am more pumped about how Kevin and I planned out the new coffee-table book, VIRGIN ISLAND, to be shot concurrently as the DNA editorial. We planned the two out perfectly! In DNA magazine there are beautifully done swimwear photos, whereas VIRGIN ISLAND includes everything that could not be shown in DNA. They are a package deal, if you plan on getting one you need to get the other. 

How did it all come about? 
Man, I cannot give away my secrets, but I will tell you it took about two years of strategy. DNA gave us the green light about a year ago for the fifth cover.

Can you remember shooting your first DNA cover? 
I do remember. We shot a couple days in Miami, and five days in Key West, FL. I was living in New York City back then, and that was my first time traveling to either place.

Do you notice a change in how you model now five covers (and just a few years) on? 
For sure, I was scared to get naked, if you can believe that one. To convince me to slightly pull my underwear down, the photographer had to twist my arm. I have also gained confidence with each cover, which I will talk more about below.

You shot the new cover story with Kevin McDermott in St. John, US Virgin Islands. Like, that’s some crazy Sports Illustrated shit right there, Todd?! What was the experience like?
Yep, I do not shoot for fun! Kevin and I were not fucking around when planning this trip, we wanted to make the best images possible and go above and beyond what others are currently doing. The island was amazing, by far the most exotic place I have been to. We discuss much more about our trip in the magazine, so you better get a copy! 

Oh I will.  You didn’t end up with sand in any awkward places did you? 
The entire time I was running around naked, so take a guess, wink. 

So you and Kevin have worked together on quite a few shoots now. You must really enjoy working with him, right?
Yes, Kevin is great to work with. He takes extremely sexy photos of me with a classy edge. When I showed my friend back in Detroit the current 18-page editorial he said, “I could see a couple of these blown up on someone’s wall.” My friend could care less about the industry I’m in, so when he said this I knew we had some great photos. In addition to Kevin’s talents as a photographer, he fits perfectly into what I’m doing with my line. He is an educated man who contributes to business strategies. I do not shoot often, which is done on purpose, so I need to make the best use of my time and efforts.

Looking at all five DNA covers, which would you say is your favourite – and why? 
I think this current cover is by far the best because it showcases who I currently am as a person. I have always been taught that everything is based on education. When I was first featured on the cover, I had only earned a bachelor and this was considered only the beginning in my family, which translated into me essentially being insecure in whom I was as a person. However, as I continued to educate myself and grow as an adult you can see how my confidence grew with each cover. Take a look, you can see the difference. 

How has the new collection been doing? Your photos modelling the new collection certainly pleased my readers!
Things could not be better with the new collection. We are working with some great people. The key to running a business is finding the right people to work with. When I was first starting out, I hate to say it, but I met some scumbags! Some it took me a couple weeks to figure out, others took a couple months. But, eventually I got them out of my business. The only thing that sucks is that they waste your time and then you have to start over again. Currently, we have the right people so watch the fuck out!

And now that you have finished studying, what’s next for Dr. Sanfield?   
I’m not quite finished yet. I earned my Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree May 9th, but my licensing exams are around the end of June. There are two of them, one based on Pharmacology and the other on the Pharmacy Law. I should have no problem passing them considering our school was in the 90 percentile last year on the first try and my grades were good, but I still have to study nonstop. I will tell you one thing; these exams are seriously putting my life on hold! As for now I am currently working for a community pharmacy, and once my scores arrive the next day I will transition into a staff Pharmacist. One more thing…in reference to our last interview, my end game is to work in HIV medicine. 

A worthy cause.  Any last words for now, mate? 
My entire career in this industry is based off of doing unique projects. I believe the combination of my fifth DNA magazine cover and second coffee-table book will have the greatest impact. If you have any doubts about what I have said, watch our behind-the-scenes video. It will seal the deal!

Thanks Todd!

If you liked Motel | Hotel you are going to lose your shit over Todd and Kevin's new book, Virgin Island.  It really is something quite special.  As well as the images shown below you can visit to read about the new book and find out how you can pre-order a copy today.




  1. Stunning interview w Mr. Stanfield. The PICs reflect the glory of God & all creation!

  2. This is amazing Dr. Sanfield... I envy you!
    I pre-ordered my Virgin Islands Hard Cover book and can't wait for its arrival. You have been an inspiration to me and I thank you.


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