Saturday, 14 June 2014

For Only $10,000 You Can Now Direct Your Own Porno with Colby Keller

In my recent interview with Colby he briefly touched on his summer plans and had this to say:

"I won't have a place to live at the end of May, so my summer plans are up for grabs. Ideally, I'd like to buy a simple van, outfit it with a mattress, and tour the country fucking hot boys and making homemade porn. I don't quite have the savings to make that idea a reality just yet, so I'll probably just settle for an old junker and hit the road in search of a cheap campground or mobile home park I can eventually call home."

True to his word, Colby announced yesterday that he is going on a Big Shoe Adventure which will see him travel around the US and Canada this summer in a van outfitted with a mattress along with some cameras and bandwith so he can share his big adventure with his fans.

His voice is just the BEST, right? So it is no surprise that Colby has already raised $2,477 in only one day towards his $35,000 goal.  So what are you waiting for, wasps?  For just a $20 donation Colby will send you a postcard whilst on his travels, and if you are feeling proper flush, $10,000 will buy you a legitimate director credit on your resume after you film a porno with this big beard of a man!  

I myself am probably going to stump up the $11,000 to spend some quality time with Colby on his travels, and will likely live in the vain hope that he falls madly in love with me and spends the money I give him on a nice little rockery and water feature for our cute little cabin in the woods.  A wasp can dream.


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