Monday, 2 June 2014

Nicole Scherzinger's 'Your Love' Lyric Video Loves a Good Palm Tree

I have much love for Nicole Scherzinger's underappreciated debut album Killer Love which had not one but many songs deserving of chart success (see: Poison, Don't Hold Your Breathe, Right There, and Wet).  But if I'm honest, Scherzy's new single Your Love kind of shits all over her first stab at solo success in only 4 minutes and 3 seconds.  

Is it the casualness of the chorus which is so confident of hitting the number one spot in 128 countries that all it need do is Do Do Do Do Do?  Or am I not-so-secretly flattered by Scherzy's aggressive suggestion in the first verse that she just might bite my dick off? I suppose the middle 8 where Nicole is possessed by a young Michael Jackson is great also, as is the bits where she sings Cos your love makes me feel like/Boy your touch makes me feel like into an empty tub of Pringles!

I don't really care so much why this is a great song.  It just is.  And a lyric video which embraces a neon palm tree visual as lovingly as this video does will always be a friend of mine.  


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