Thursday, 19 June 2014

Portis Wasp featured alongside Ed Harcourt and Clint Mansell in 'The Written Diaries Project'

YES, Ed Harcourt the musician!  And YES, Clint Mansell the world famous film composer who has scored Requiem For A Dream, Black Swan, and Noah.  Not bad company to keep, right?  

The Written Diaries is a high profile 3 Part Art Series/DocuFilm, created by Visual Artist and Writer Marcella Karamat, which brings together established and emerging artists and documenters in music, film, photography and contemporary art.  Why I was asked to participate in a project filled with genius creatives like Ed, Clint, and the frickin Pixies(!!!) is beyond me, but I am extremely flattered to have been asked nonetheless. I have also seen a working list of all the contributors involved with this project, and, yeah.... I am extremely flattered.

The Written Diaries is a project that will be presented in three parts and for now excerpts from the project are being shared on a tumblr.  Part 1 of The Written Diaries will take the form of a book, and if you are a curious sort you can read how Ed, Clint, and the Pixies answered the first set of questions Marcella set them here.  My answers will go up next week!

This is a by the by, and maybe I'm being very presumptuous, but I think I'm totally going to find the love of my life at the launch party for this fantastic project!  And don't you worry wasps, I'll make damn sure he's an Oscar winner!


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