Monday, 7 July 2014

10 Adam Lambert Instagram Photos that would look Cuckoo as his next Album Cover

Whilst we wait patiently/impatiently for Adam Lambert to get touring with Queen out of his system and complete work on his third album, it's nice to imagine that we already have some new Lambert artwork to lose our shit over.  Which we totally do glamberts!!!  (Thanks to me!)  

Because I know Lambo better than I know myself, I've plucked 10 photos off of Adam's Instagram account which would work really well as album artwork for his new album.  My only criteria for choosing each image was that they each represented an album made up of three Max Martin-produced pop smashes, two ballads that are written by Sia, a cover of James Morrison and Nelly Furtado's 'Broken Strings' (sung with Ariana Grande (obvs.)), a Paul Epworth-produced Bond Theme Song entitled 'Kiss Me Quick, I'm Dying', a duet with Katy Perry's boy Ferras - which tries to emulate Aguilera and Martin's 'Nobody Wants To Be Lonely' but misses the mark, that song which was used in the new Kia advert and went to number one in 6 countries, and THAT cover of 'Let It Go' with Brian May on guitar and Kelly Clarkson singing backing vocals.

For most of these fantastic album artwork options Adam was kind enough to tag them on his Instagram with suggested album titles.  For the ones without I have made it clear that I have come up with the album title in case Adam sees this post and wants to buy the album title off me.  I think that's how it works anyway? 

1.Champagne Showers
3.Queens Get Tired Too (Copyright Portis Wasp)
4.Go For Baroque
5. The Lambertron: Age of Perfection (Copyright Portis Wasp)
 6.Mile High
 7.F.U. BOO (Copyright Portis Wasp)
8.A Mouthful of Metal (Copyright Portis Wasp)
9.So Serious
10.Blame It On The Weatherman 
(Copyright Portis Wasp/Bewitched)

You're welcome.



  1. UKGlambert - July 2014 at 11:05

    HILARIOUS! Love it ♥

  2. LMAO I think he should go with #1... no wait....#7.... no 3..... fuckit #1 3 or 7....................or 9

  3. I like #1 but would call it "Fountain of Youth" since Queen is reborn.


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