Monday, 4 August 2014

Interview with The Vicious Brothers

Hey guys! How are you doing?
We're in Brazil for a week teaching a class on horror! We're feeling pretty jet lagged right now though but all is well. Very excited that ET's first teaser trailer is now online.

As am I! So talk me through an average day in the life of you?
It depends on if we're trying to make a movie... or if we're actually in the process of making a movie. They are two very different life styles. Colin tends to stay up all night where as Stu has tried to create a more healthy schedule for himself. We work on scripts generally from early afternoon until evening. When we're making a film it is tough to have much of a life outside of the film... you generally wake up and head to set or the production office and you're there pretty much up until just before you pass out. Stu is digging tinder right now also.

If you don’t mind, I’d like to first start by congratulating you on Grave Encounters, a horror film that actually delivers on genuine tension and very good scares! Who would have thought? 

No shade meant! It's just hard to find a horror movie these days that delivers on both elements. What do you think makes Grave Encounters stand out from other films in the same genre?
Grave Encounters works for the most part because it is well paced. It does not rush into the scary stuff right away, it takes its time. We had to really fight to keep the beginning of the film a slow burn. A lot people in our camp wanted us to cut some of the funniest stuff in the film in order to get to the scares faster. We won that battle. We also feel that Grave Encounters has a really cool atmosphere and tone. The location we shot at is pretty awesome and you can't go wrong with dark scary hallways. It's classic horror.

It is indeed. You must also be pretty pleased with the response to the film? It’s become a cult classic! 
We are very happy that Grave Encounters found such a devoted audience and it is amazing to see kids constantly discovering it through various platforms... Even if it's pirate bay!!!! Good on them!

So what films inspired you both when you were growing up? 
Stu: Back to the future, Terminator 2, Dawn of the Dead (1978), Requiem for A Dream.
Colin: Jurassic Park, Alien, Fire in the Sky, Run Lola Run.

And what is it about the horror genre that excites you the most?
Any great story can be exciting, regardless of genre. However, it is very rewarding to give people nightmares.

As you mentioned, the teaser trailer for your new film ‘Extraterrestrial’ just debuted online and it promises to be one hell of a ride! What made you want to tackle our friends in the sky for your third project?
Aliens are very scary and we wanted to make an Alien abduction film and also a cabin in the woods horror film, we felt no one had combined the two properly yet. We grew up very inspired by movies such as Fire in the Sky, The X-Files, Close Encounters, Signs, etc. This is our tribute to all those great films before ours. We wanted to make an alien film that we would pay to see as teenagers.

Only in this film it looks like it will be the humans who will spend most of the movie ‘trying to phone home’?! I feel like Spielberg’s been lying to us for the last 30 years… 
Spielberg did make War of the Worlds and those aliens were pretty mean as well. Our Aliens would probe ET and possibly Elliot. 

Haha. The trailer also lives up to its #GetProbed tagline. You really went there, didn’t you? 
We had to... no one else seemed to have the audacity (or stupidity depending on the viewer) to try.

Is there a scene in Extraterrestrial that you are most excited about seeing played out on the big screen? 
Michael Ironside shoots at an alien with an M16. It's dope. Also PROBE PROBE PROBE!

And lastly, you know who to call if you decide to dial it down a notch for your fourth project and tackle the horrifying world of blogging, right? 
Grave Encounters 2, Richard Harmon plays a vlogger... you're too late. 

Damn it! But thanks anyways guys!

Extraterrestrial is out on VOD 17th October and in select theaters 21st November.


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