Monday, 18 August 2014

'Map My Heart' by Dom & Ink: Your Paperback Cure for Heartbreak

When reading Illustrator Dom & Ink's bio on his website it's easy to mistakenly assume you've found the love of your life.  He loves dinosaur's, trashy tv, skinny jeans, comics... Like wow, like... what a guy!  But then he admits to loving hawaiian shirts, and you're all like, I can't get with that sorry.  I'd probably still pose for him though like Rose did for Jack in Titanic, so that speaks volumes about how I feel for someone who also loves dinosaurs. 

I briefly wrote about Dom & Ink's Map My Heart earlier this year. It is a book about relationships, lovingly illustrated by Dom that looked like it might have made the perfect gift for Valentine's Day.  
As it turns out, now that I've been sent a copy, Map My Heart is a survival guide to love and heartbreak that I actually recommend you revisit 364 days a year.  I don't know about you, but I certainly don't have time to think about how shit falling in and out of love is on Christmas day, not with all that food around me.

The truth is we could all do with being reminded at times that however shit our relationship (or lack of one) is going it's not the end of the world, and if we can laugh at our current predicament then we are halfway to fixing the problem surely.  Map My Heart is 144 pages about, love, relationships and dating, and whilst the illustrations are enough to make my heart swell, it's the doodling you are encouraged to do that makes this such a special purchase.  As you will see from my photos in this post there are few pages in this book that don't ask for your participation.  So whether you're crap at dating, having trouble with an ex, or going through some shit with your current beau, you're going to be kept busy doodling your way through this book.  Which is actually a great way to work through your issues!  I certainly can't wait to put pen to paper and illustrate the trashy tv show I end up watching tonight instead of having sex with someone very good looking.

Saying anything else about Map My Heart would spoil the numerous surprises that unfold in this super fun life companion.  All I know is that after I have doodled my heart out onto its pages I will be keeping my paperback pal very close by as a reference and reminder not to make the same mistakes.

Trusting a stranger to mend your broken heart isn't something I'd go out of my way to advocate on my blog, but now that I've seen that Dom & Ink is selling "clever girl" raptor mugs, I know my heart is in good hands.

Map My Heart is £9.99 and available to buy here.


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