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Interview with Broderick Hunter

Hello Broderick! Would you like to introduce yourself to my readers?
Sure! (Adjusts Bow Tie)... Hello everyone! I'm Broderick Hunter and I am a fashion model.

Talk me through an average day in the life of you?
Usually I have an idea of what I'm doing the next day or what's ahead. It's rare that I don't know what I have planned for the day but I still have to stay on my toes because anything can happen but usually I have a few castings or meetings if I'm not shooting that day. The castings/meetings never take long so I get done rather quickly. I don't like being inside so I'm always out in the city (NYC) if the weather is decent. If it's not, I'm inside reading and/or lurking on some famous people's social media. Lol. I'm no different than most people. If I have a shoot, I'm usually on set all day. So I shoot, eat, then sleep, then wake up to whatever the next day brings. Amazing, right? Lol

Not too shabby!

So first of all, let’s address the obvious… You are ridiculously good looking. Would you say your looks have ever gone against you?
HAHA! Well thank you for the compliment. I honestly never really looked at myself as being a "hot guy" or whatever people want to call it, but more times than not I get complimented on my looks and I'm grateful for that. My looks have gone against me in a few ways. One way is it's hard to date or talk to people because according to their reasoning they think and I quote; "You're too good looking, I probably can't trust a guy like you..." I just sit there and say "...well alright then. Good day to you Madam" *as I tip my hat and walk away*. So I guess that's a way my looks have gone against me.

Was modeling something you’d always thought about doing?
No, I never in my life thought about modelling. If anything I was more interested in acting. Short story - modelling happened by complete accident for me. I was originally a basketball player and I got scouted by a photographer on Facebook (Tyren Redd) that thought I could be a model. I did a shoot with him, it got attention, and the rest is history. I just rode the wave after that.

You had played basketball for a good few years, right?
Yes, for 15 years.

Did you ever find yourself screaming during a game like you recently did when accepting the ice bucket challenge?

That was some impressive ‘scream queen’ pipes you’ve been hiding under all that muscle!
You would have to bring up that ice bucket challenge! Hahaha! first off, it was colder than I thought it would be. As you could see on my face, I thought it would be a piece of cake. The only time I've screamed like that was when a teammate of mine hit a game winning shot (and even then my team mates looked at me like "dude, you sound like a little girl". Lol. I'm sure it's not the last time my 'scream queen" pipes will surface.

Scream 5, boy! 

What have been some of your favourite modelling jobs?
I've worked with a few great photographers, media personnel and casting directors. I have yet to have a bad experience. Still, to this day if I had to choose my favorite job was doing Italian GQ, a "Miami Vice" spread with Photographer Tony Kelly. I got to play a cop and shoot out of a spinning Ferrari.

We did some of the shoot in this mansion on a hill in Hollywood. It was an amazing experience. Another experience was walking for Dsquared in Milan. It was my first show EVER and for a major designer like Dsquared?! It was a dream come true. And last but not least I was recently granted the opportunity to shoot the Ralph Lauren campaign with the photographer Arnaldo Anaya Lucca. It was an all-time career goal of mine and I'm happy it happened.

If you could book any dream job in the industry tomorrow, what would it be?
There are so many things I'd like to book but if I had to choose, a fragrance contract would be nice!

You recently launched a fun YouTube series called Myth Busters where you dispel some of the myths that exist in the modelling industry. What gave you the idea to do this?
Yes, I started my YouTube channel in June this summer (2014). The whole youtube channel was an outlet for me to be myself and let people know more about me, not to mention branding myself in a positive way. I like to talk and I rant on twitter sometimes, so I thought "why not put it on video so people can truly know about ME... the person behind the picture". "Model Myth Busters" was an idea that came to surface by people CONSTANTLY throwing these questions/myths my way like "how much do you get paid for castings?" or "Does it say in your contract how often you are allowed to eat?" Just weird outrageous assumptions. It was very funny to me but on the other hand I would say to myself "they just honestly don't know the business..." So I came up with a fun way to break down a few myths about the industry in a positive and watchable way.

And it’s not like a regular vlog which would typically be shot in some low rent bedroom with crappy lighting and posters of One Direction on the wall. You’ve instead opted for a timeless black and white finish and sexy elevator music playing in the background whilst the camera eats up your pretty face. Well played! Can we expect you to bust more myths over the next few months?
I'm a firm believer in branding and being different. I didn't want to be (As Rihanna would say) "basic".


I wanted to do it in a way that was my own and would separate me from everyone else. I'm about quality. It all comes down to being watchable and making people want to pay attention, so everything about the videos are to draw people in to want to not only watch but look forward to more. Thank you for the recognition. The response to the myth busters was stronger than I expected, so I'll probably pop some more on when I think of them.

I can't wait!

Have you ever given any thought to acting or presenting? You’re like really good at speaking for long periods of time.
Thank you very much. Acting is another one of my interests. I'm always studying and bettering my craft. Currently I'm still learning and getting better with classes along with practice. So the YouTube videos are helping me with my on camera presence and I do plan to merge into film and television work. For now though I'm enjoying the modelling scene.

So what do you like to do to keep fit?
Oddly enough, I've answered this question many times but I DO NOT workout. I just play basketball from time to time and I'll do a few sit ups every now and then but for the most part I just try and keep a decent diet and stay remotely active. And if you catch me on a treadmill or bench press... take a picture because it probably won't be seen again for a very long time.

What would you say is your best feature and what part of your body receives the most compliments?
For some weird reason people like my lips, and my buttocks always seem to get more attention than my face at times lol.

Oo-err, can you talk about any projects you are working on at the moment or any shoots you have coming up?
I won't say anything is particular but there's a few projects in the works as we speak. I'm excited about a few ads and high-end magazine editorials coming out before the year is up (2014). Until then, I'm working and hoping for more opportunities this year.

A guilty pleasure you can’t seem to quit?
Ah man, I successfully went vegan for 3 months this year which is hard for me because I'm a certified carnivore. So turning down a good burger or steak is hard for me. Gummy bears are another guilty pleasure of mine.

Which flavour of ice cream best describes your personality and why?
Interesting question. I would have to say Rainbow Sherbet because I'm extremely random and all over the place. You don't know what you're going to get out of me until something happens. I don't know if people have caught on yet but I'm kind of strange in the head, but in a fun and entertaining way lol.

Which side of the bed do you prefer to sleep on?
I'm all over the place, I can be on the right side and end up with one leg over the head board on the left side.

How do you like your eggs in the morning?

What happens next?
You tell me? lol jk. Everything just comes as it comes. I'm pushing to grow and better my career of course, but I hope to reach a major milestone like hitting a fragrance deal or even a TV/movie role one day. Either way... I''m just enjoying the journey.

Thanks Broderick! 

Photography Credits:
Tony Kelly, Collier Schorr, Torian Lewin, Cliff Watts, 
Brent Chua, Cliff Watts, Kosmas Pavlos, J.R. West


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