Monday, 1 September 2014

Ray-Ban's 'The Order of Never Hide' Campaign

Ray-Ban has gone all cloak and dagger with their new campaign, the Order of Never Hide. When you visit the Order's non-secret secret society website you are told that the Order don't really know why they have always been kept a secret... Because it was a secret. But now that they have decided to come out of hiding they're going to do it in spectacular fashion, which is where all us fans of the statement sunglasses brand come into the fold thanks to the Order setting us 5 challenges to complete for a chance to win a trip to London in October to attend their first super secret, super cool initiation ceremony! 

To join the order all you need to do is sign up here and then follow the instructions to take part in their not-so-secret but totally secret challenges. The Order’s war on boringness has been waged wasps, so don’t expect to not be taking a sexy selfie in your underwear, sharing your most bad ass video, confessing your darkest secrets and opening yourself up to be judged as you complete their series of challenges that have been designed to separate the men from the boys. Has seeking the approval of a secret society ever felt this sexy? I think not!

In short, this looks like a lot of fun, but if you still need a little more convincing then you can read the history of The Order here. Good luck wasps!

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