Friday, 5 September 2014

Speaking ‘The Language of Love’ with La Redoute

When French retailer La Redoute got in touch with me earlier this week to see if I'd like to promote their Language of Love campaign on my blog, they got me thinking about all the times I haven't made out with a Frenchman.  But after reminding me that the brief was about love and not my failed attempts at romancing someone with an accent, I was thinking in line with their marketing strategy and about love and the last time I told someone important in my life how much they meant to me. 

In a recent survey carried out by the French retailer, a considerable 17 per cent of Scotland admitted that they haven’t said ‘I love you’ in over a year.  Which is a rather disappointing amount of people when you read that 96 per cent of people surveyed answered that they feel special or happy when they hear those three little words

Our apparent reluctance to express emotions in Scotland isn't a trait we share with the French though who are well known across the globe for being au fait with romance.  I know I certainly haven't forgotten Audrey Tatou reinventing kissing over thirteen years ago in Amélie!!!  What is really interesting though is that 82 per cent of Scotland seem to share my sentiment and believe that 'I love you' sounds much better in a European language, with a quarter of people preferring to hear those three little words in French.

And that's where La Redoute's new campaign comes in, which encourages the people of Britain (and 17 per cent of us emotionless Scots) to break our sentimental silence in a way that our loved ones can understand.  So say 'bonjour' to the Language of Love campaign film:

Adorable, right?  I must admit I'm slightly annoyed that they cut my appearance at the end of the film where I walk in with a box of Ladurée macaroons and profess my love for Mr. La Redoute, but I can't throw shade at such a lovely campaign message.

As I embarrassingly fall into the 17 per cent who can't remember the last time they said 'I love you' to someone special, I will be tweeting my love to a few choice babes over the next week using the hashtag #languageoflove, and I invite you to do the same. Or even better, call someone up or muster the courage to say 'I love you' to someone special in person. 

Whatever form of communication you choose, you could make someone's day with just three little words.


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