Thursday, 16 October 2014

Interview with ChuanDo & Frey

Hey ChuanDo and Frey! Would you like to introduce yourselves to my readers?
We're a photographic duo born and raised in Singapore!
Talk me through an average day in the life of you?
We believe health is very important and it opens us to all possibilities! Hence, we usually start our day by exercising before anything else, then after, we could be at the shoot, or having a meeting with a client etc.

You both began working together in 2006. What were you both doing before you crossed paths?
Chuando was shooting solo for 9 years before teaming up with Frey.  Frey was an engineering Student before assisting ChuanDo for 8 years!
What made you decide to begin collaborating together?
Connections! We share the same vision and could almost read each others mind. And it's so much fun to be able to work with someone who knows instantly what you are getting at in that split moment. 

Over the years, your work has appeared in fashion publications such as Jalouse, Muse, Numéro & Numéro Homme (China), L’Officiel & L’Officiel Hommes (Singapore)! Do you ever have to pinch yourself when you think about how far you have come as a duo and how well your work is being received?
Definitely a dream come true for us to be able to do what we love so much and being recognized for it.
How would you describe ‘Chuando & Frey’s’ photographic style?
We don’t believe in having a certain style to our work, that could be boring.  Whenever we have a new project we are usually very excited and we will come up with some crazy ideas.  That's the fun thing about creating!

What do you think your work says about you?

The way we feel about fashion.
I am still all kinds of in love with the artwork you produced for Janet Jackson’s Discipline album! That must have been quite special working with someone so iconic?
Janet Jackson is great! Always open to what we have in mind for her. Not intimidating and has respect for everyone's involvement. She's definitely someone we respect a lot! 

The new issue of L’Officiel Hommes Singapore also features a lot of “iconic” moments shot by yourselves! What is your favourite editorial in the new issue? I can’t decide between Hot Wheels and Mystic Falls!
We will let you guys decide LOL!
I can't!  So I'm posting both editorials with our interview!  

Having photographed your fair share of models, what qualities do you look for in someone you’d want to photograph?
As all artists do, we love to create freely and we like to work with someone who can trust us fully without doubts and hesitations.
And can you think of a model you have photographed that you would quite happily work with time and time again?
Not anyone in particular at this moment.

Aside from the new issue, when can we next see new work from ChuanDo & Frey in print?
Hopefully sometime in the near future. :-)
What interesting projects do you have coming up that you can talk about?
The next issue of Hommes definitely is going to be interesting. Can't let the cat out of the bag.

How do you like to spend your time when not working?
We are usually busy with work, so whenever we are able to take some time off we will do absolutely nothing!

If you weren’t working in fashion what do you think both of you would be doing instead?
Perhaps something to do with Architecture and interior decoration, as we both are very much into too.
What happens next?
The sky's the limit!
Thanks guys!


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  1. they are fashion royalty, true artists, they made the image for janet's discipline, i salute them!


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