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Interview with Vin & Omi

Hey Vin & Omi! Would you like to introduce yourselves to my readers?
Hey Portis, we are a creative brand primarily working in fashion but also on projects in the music, film and commercial sector. We are currently based in the UK but we also work from our studios in NY and LA. If a project is fun and creative we are drawn towards it and make sure we are open to all ideas. 
Talk me through an average day in the life of you?
(Laughing) We made sure we never had an average day! We work a lot with America so Skype is always on the go day and night. We always have 5 or so projects on the go. Fashion week tends to take over when it pops up twice a year. Yesterday, for example, was a trip to a technologist who we are working with on a new fabric concept, designs for a great LA band's outfits, walking the dogs, dress fitting with client, meeting to discuss development of a new retail line. Loooong evening Skype design meeting for an interior design project we are working on in America. Walking the dogs again. 

So first of all, congratulations on your fabulous new SS15 collection, ‘Rock n Roll’ Macaroon! You must be really pleased with how well it’s been received?
Thank you very much. We are super pleased with the response, we even got a mention on the BBC World News which was crazy and even the Daily Mail ran an article. It was also nice to see our work picked up by the New York Times. It's nice when people notice! We had a great PR this year, Ant Waller, which makes a huge difference. 

What gave you the idea of mixing something super delicious with a little bit of Rock 'n Roll?
​Our last collection had been very dark so we wanted a pastel fun feel for this one. One of the dresses also has a print of guns shooting macaroons (‘shoot cake not people!‘) and we wanted this collection to be fun and rock and roll. The audience was very Rock 'n Roll too.

And I’m right in thinking your collection is edible, yeah? It certainly looks good enough to eat!
Thanks! Some of the latex would be hard to chew through! But the nails had marshmallows and sweets on them – so they were edible!
Scrumptious!  I love how you’ve also validated the amount of time a lot of us spend on social media looking at pictures of animals.
Yea we like to throw in a bit of zeitgeist thinking. We are both animal droolers – so the animals had to be in it!

You also used a lot of new techniques when designing this collection?
Yes we did, we have been working on a new hybrid latex material that has a different finish, we used this in some of the garments. We also have developed a way of applying sequins in 3D which was time consuming – but fun !
When you design a new collection, do you happen to have a certain person in mind/or a certain character that you envisage your clothes worn by?
I think we do have our current muses in mind when we are designing. This collection was very much about a high rolling Rock and Roll woman who just didn’t give a fuck. Debbie Harry gives us a lot of inspiration.

So let's talk about the utterly amazing front row at your show! Jennifer Saunders, Pandemonia, AND Debbie Harry! Totally kicking myself now for not making the show! I could have easily sandwiched myself between those hotties!
We had a great turn out, we were very flattered. It was lovely of Debbie to wear our dress and come to the show. All those invited had a Rock and Roll mindset. Jennifer Saunders and her husband Ade Edmonson are very cool thinkers. Laura Whitmore and Grace Woodward are super cool and we had some very lovely friends and musicians such as Petite Meller, Miss Guy (the infamous NY Rock and Roll singer from the Toilet Boys). AND we had the wonderful shoemakers Terry and Liz de Havilland there. Terry’s shoes have been on almost every Rock and Roller... ever. We were very pleased to have his shoes in the show. We also had some great creative friends turning up too like Tarek Merlin one of London’s best architects and Rob Montgomery who is seriously rocking the art world.  Throw in musicians Jess Glynn, Luke White and Manson Noise along with The Vamps at the after party. It was a great turnout.

The after party (which you ALSO missed) was a riot with Feral is Kinky performing and DJ’s going. She’s deffo one of the coolest performers... ever.

It's official; I totally suck.  
I’d love to know how long it actually took you to put the whole collection together from start to finish? It’s very easy to enjoy a great show and forget about all the hours the designers have poured into creating a new collection.
The pieces are all hand finished in the studio. We started the collection as soon after our AW14 collection and we finished the collection 2hrs before the show! But a lot of time was spent experimenting. We do have great assistants we must add! The Cumberland Hotel were really great to work with too. They are ace at putting on events.

And the models too! My god. They looked delicious! Did you know exactly how you wanted them to look for the show from the get-go, or did their looks just fall into place at the last minute once they had the clothes on?
Ha! The models were great! It takes a long time to choose and get the models right. We like to work with new models or friends and ones that are excited about doing the show. Regarding the boys, we had the former world natural body builder champion, a kick boxer, a national rugby player and a top athlete. No boys this season, real men!

As you know, we're all about 'real men' here.

What item from your new collection could you totally see Portis Wasp wearing?
The oversized see through latex t-shirt and shorts.
So it's true?  You think I have great legs? 

Now that your new collection has been released into the world, what happens next for you guys? Apart from the obvious – a random but totally delightful collaboration with Portis at some point!
A collaboration with you on a men's sexy capsule collection is deffo a possibility! We have started on our AW15 collection already and we are working on a new film in LA and with a few new exciting bands. We are also working on a new project with a hotel in Vegas. All to be revealed! 

If you could play only one Rock 'n Roll song whilst tucking into a plate of freshly baked macaroons, what would it be?
Omi: Metallica's 'Enter Sandman'
Vin:Lynyrd Skynyrd's  'Free Bird'
Thanks guys!
Vin & Omi's SS15 collection can be viewed in full here.  
Photos by Roberto Perez /Collage by Portis Wasp.


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