Friday, 21 November 2014

Sharing My Christmas Tradition with Jack Daniel's

As far as Christmas traditions go, I'd like to sidestep my annual tradition of overeating to the point where I am incapable of mustering a strong defence against watching the Mrs. Brown's Boys Christmas special and instead welcome staunch criticism at my casual refusal to grow up for one night of the year.

As is tradition for a lot of us, I too will do anything to guarantee I wake up on Christmas day with a full stocking. And as I often find myself ending the year with a list of achievements that reads more naughty than nice, there is one tradition, no matter what my age, that I refuse to give up the night before Christmas; preparing a well-considered plate of treats and a cheeky wee tipple for the big man and his crew. There will be carrots, obviously. Those reindeers are pounding a heck of a lot of air in one night, so they need to keep their energy levels up and their eyesight crystal clear. There will also be shortbread. Not only because I am Scottish. I think anyone who has tasted shortbread knows that it is the one biscuit that has been made with love. And perhaps something chocolaty might make its way onto the plate. Nothing too pretentious, mind. I don't want to give the game away to Santa that I'm pulling out the stops to cover up a really bad deed. I think a safe bet this year would be to opt for something "salted-caramel". It's an over-saturated flavour in the market at this point, so Santa won't view it as some last minute power play. And then to finish off, something for this bearded joy bringer to drink...

Now, I don't want you to think that this final admission has been born out of convenience to satisfy the brand who asked me to share my Christmas tradition with you, but no word of a lie kids, our Santa can't say no to a cheeky Jack Daniel’s and coke. I can't tell you I've ever seen the Santa who visits me on Christmas Eve drink Jack Daniel’s and coke any other time of the year. He's way more of a Grey Goose on ice fan. But I guess as Christmas traditions go, his is warming his cockles with something 40% from Tennessee.

So now that you've heard my Christmas tradition, how about you share yours at Jack Daniel’s.

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