Friday, 14 November 2014

Would you like to play with Kate Upton?

I think I'll pass, to be honest.  My heart has been broken one too many times by Kate Upton (as you know!), and even though this is a professionally shot advertisement for some geek fantasy video game that I don't care to play anyway, Kate has totally ripped off our honeymoon in St Barts!  That's right.  Same dress!  Same suggestive "come to bed" eyes all up in her face!  And then before you know it... Kate doesn't feel like playing because she's tired and you're the one whose left to entertain the Hydra you had BOTH picked up from the bar earlier that night for sexy weird times.  I mean, how dare she?!  Game of War: Fire Age isn't even available on Xbox!  It's a mobile game!!!  The nerve of this woman.


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