Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Adam Lambert's 'The Original High': A Track-by-Track Review

Ghost Town sounds like Adam is throwing Snow White’s pals some serious shade, like, “This is how you mother fucking whistle whilst you work, dwarves”.  And whilst the song is almost too fucking cool for its own good time had, it will remain chillingly “current” for at least the next two decades.

The Original High sounds like Adam’s driving us around town on a hot summer’s night.  Top down, tops off, there’s not much of a breeze to blow through our hair as Adam takes the corners of the road with a crazy recklessness but it’s just as well as we’ve nearly reached our destination – Heaven.  Dress code: Fabulous.

Another Lonely Night sounds like the kind of song we’d play whilst writing something super personal in our diary late at night.  What drink is sitting on our nightstand as tears run down our cheeks as we recount how that boy did us wrong earlier in the day?  Probably a Bailey’s, the original flavour, served with a couple of ice cubes and a dash of sweet regret.  The boy we were writing about is called Bailey as it turns out, and we’re finding it awfully hard to quit him.

Underground sounds like Adam is acting totally unreasonable over something so trivial like us forgetting to tell him that we were popping out to the shops for some milk.  He’s beside himself begging for us to sex with him in way of an apology for leaving him lonely but we’re not in the mood to take him “underground” this time.  Get off us Adam! 

Worryingly, There I Said It sounds like a song Cheryl Cole will cover on her next album and release as a second single.

Rumors sounds like someone didn’t get the memo that we wanted the sequel to Tove’s Talking Body?  Anyone?  In all fairness, the breakdown before the chorus is amazing and after a few plays the chorus becomes amazing but it’s all a bit underwhelming like when the first person Madonna met at the end of the world was Terrence Howard.   You get me? Would the song have worked better had its title been spelt properly? I wouldn’t want to say, but yes probably.

Evil In The Night sounds like a sexy game of cat and mouse that sees Officer Danger By Day – played by Adam, obviously - investigating the murders of several Broadway Bares dancers who died (fabulously) under suspicious circumstances!  All I have to say is, if love is a crime Adam, arrest me already OFFICUUUUR!  Bombs over Broadway, this song is brilliant.

Lucy sounds like she’s spoiled fruit, pretty on the outside but a rotten little apple at her core.  In short, she’s exactly the kind of girl you sneak out of your bedroom window for on a school night, no regrets.  Brian May on guitar is slow-burning sexual gratification, and thoughts soon turn to imagining how chill we'd look dancing with Adam at the centre of a volcano that is one click away from erupting all over itself.

Things I Didn’t Say sounds like Adam’s singing for his supper on a rollercoaster.  And how could we not develop a big dipper in our pants for the vocal gymnastics he performs in this seemingly never ending pleasure ride.

The Light sounds like I can’t even with this no more.  It’s like Adam went and took the blueprint of Madonna’s ‘Ray of Light’ and something iconic recorded by Hilary Duff in 2007, blended them up, took a sip of that sass, swirled it about a bit and spat out a song that sounds like it just went and owned everything we've listened to already - and it knows it!

Heavy Fire sounds like Adam’s having a hard time coming to terms with his album coming to a close – save for a few undoubtedly amazing deluxe version tracks – and we feel your pain buddy. But every original high comes the inevitable crappy comedown. 

Anyone in doubt that Adam Lambert would have a hard time replicating the success of his sophomore record Trespassing needn’t have worried.  The Original High is a way more accomplished record than his last and one that confirms in quite a sad way really that this boy is the only male artist in pop that we can trust in since 2009 for great pop music.  Adam Lambert has always been good for pop but on this record it feels like he’s become really great at it.

Rating: Four out of five (bombs over Broadway) for you Glen Coco!

The Original High is out on 15th June.


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  1. I love your playful yet on point review. Adam is a greatness that comes around only once in a long while..I'm glad i get to witness this amazing talent.


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