Friday, 9 October 2015

Andrew Morrill Interview

Hey Andrew! How are you?
Hey Portis! I’m swell. Good to talk to you again. 

It has been over a year since I last spoke to you and your arms have practically doubled in size! What you been doing?!
*He noticed* In all seriousness arm day is my favourite. I have been known to throw in an extra one during the week if the pre-workout clouds my mind and I just can’t think what it is I’m supposed to be doing. 

You must give legit amazing cuddles though?
I sure hope so and I’ve never had any complaints. Though I’m also partial to being little spoon. 

You recently announced that you will be releasing a 2016 calendar, shot by Flash Avenue Studio, to raise funding and awareness for premature babies! I thought that was a joke the first time I heard that to guilt us into ordering a copy, but you were in fact premature yourself?
I’m glad you got the subtlety of my guilt trip. It was intended - but all for a good cause. Yes indeed I was premature; I was born twelve weeks early and weighed 3 pounds 15 ounces. I spent a month in the ICU and in fact that white mark which you can see on my chest (in photos that haven’t edited it out) is a scar from a heart monitor they put on me while I was in there. So this cause is obviously one that is close to my heart - figuratively and literally. 

I imagine you receive a lot of letters from premature babies asking how you overcame the odds to become a super buff fitness model. Do you have any tips for any of my readers in how they can excel in fitness/smizing/life?
Whenever I’m asked for a fitness tip my response is always watch your diet and be consistent. There isn’t a big secret to getting muscles that some of us have found out but refuse to tell anyone. Sure there are things you can do to tweak your system, your routine and they are all important pieces (see Men’s Health or other such mags). But you’re not going to get anywhere if your diet is crap and you aren’t putting in consistent effort at the gym. Don’t get discouraged either, fitness takes time.

Smizing however is a gift. If you don’t have it I can’t help you. 

In your calendar preview on YouTube, you are seen posing in your birthday suit. Did it take you a while to become comfortable posing with no clothes on?
That was the first time I’ve ever actually spoken to the camera while naked - I admit we had to do a couple takes. It did take me a little while to become as comfortable as I am now to pose in tiny underwear and less but I was never very bashful. I was always that guy in University that got drunk at the frat party and ended up skinny dipping in the pool.

What's your favourite part of your body?
Chest. It’s the part of my body I’ve worked the most on. Genetically I am not blessed with a big chest so anything you see on me is the result of a lot of work. 

And which part of your body gets the most compliments from your fans?
Legs or more appropriately #ACMLegs (yes they have their own tag). My legs are pretty big. It has a lot to do with genetics since all the men in my family have very muscular legs. I appreciate how difficult it is for a lot of guys to build leg muscles and I think that has a lot to do with why mine get attention; funny enough oftentimes from straight guys. Nine times out of ten when I think I see some hot guy staring at me from across the gym floor he’s actually straight and just wondering how much I squat.

You won’t be naked the whole time in the calendar though, right?
Nooooo. Only one month actually! But I promise the clothing isn’t too constricting. 

What's your favourite month in the calendar?
December. I’m wearing one of my favourite brands of underwear - Stardom. 

And which month do you think I’ll be into the most?
September. The one where I’m naked. 

Not many people will know but you totally sound like fellow Texan Tom Ford! Which I guess makes perfect sense seeing as you’re both brunettes lol. You’re not related at all, are you?
He’s my Uncle. At least I like to think he is. I mean... I wish he was. Sigh.

What’s the one trait that each Texan lad shares?
A huge… swell of pride in your heart when people get all excited that you’re from Texas. It’s one of those places that everybody knows. I’ve lived all over the world and from rural China to Dubai everybody knows Texas and has an idea in their mind about what it’s like. It’s all oil wells and cowboys to most people and that’s just fine - I’m happy to perpetuate that and talk all Texan if it makes you giggle. 

Where can fans pre-order your calendar and when does it ship?
The calendar is available from the Flash Avenue Studio shop and will begin shipping in early December. If you order before November 22 you’ll get a signed a copy. I and BLISS, the UK charity I selected to receive proceeds, really appreciate your support. 

Thanks Andrew!


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