Thursday, 1 October 2015

Candy Ken Interview

Hey Ken! How are you? 
Everthins on fleek! 

Talk me through an average day in the life of you?
Wake up - Instagram #wokeuplikedizzz - cut some new vlogs 4 ma YouTube - gym live stream on meerkat - answer mails + interviews on da treadmill - snapchat - work on new music with ma producer - organize upcoming music videos on Facebook - Twitter everyone good night - sleep!

So how does it feel to be a super famous rapper and fashion’s newest IT boy?  
I'm feelin' maself. 

In a very short space of time you have attracted the attention of fashion’s finest creatives who have fallen for your unique charm! What came first though, the music or your rapping persona?  
My personality 4 sure and the music afterwards cause every superhero need his theme music.

Who is Candy Ken and do you live as this person 24/7?
He is here 2 rescue u from ya grey and boring world - 69/24/7 all day everyday!

You certainly put yourself out there with your music. How would you describe your sound? 
Hello Kitty rap on fleek + kawaii level 69.000!

Were you inspired by any particular artists when you were younger? 
Ai Weiwei, Maurizio Catellan, Jan Fabre, Cindy Sherman, Terry Richardson and David LaChapelle! 

One artist you have collaborated with a few times now is Nicola Formichetti. How did you both meet and what is it about working with Formichetti that you enjoy the most? 
On Instagram!  I love his visions and ideas - he is a creative genius and such a calm and warmhearted person.  I love him.

What other characters in the fashion industry would you love to work with? 
Jeremy, Donatella, Nasir and Karl.
You’d have to be blind to not notice your body is in great shape. What do you do to work out and do you attract a lot of attention in the gym? 
Work out everyday plus a lot of cardio at night.  People in my gym hate me cause they want me to wear a shirt and shit.

What is your favourite exercise for getting those Candy abs? 
Doggy style.

If you had to give up one thing…. Hello Kitty or Rapping? 
Rapping 4 sure !! Hello Kitty 4 life!

What are you working on at the moment? 
Getting famous in Asia. 

And when can we next see you shirtless? 
Instagram, snapchat and live on meerkat of course!

Thanks Candy Ken!

Image Credits: Candy Ken for Kaltblut


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